Flor Silvestre, the legendary matriarch of the Aguilar dynasty, died


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The actress and singer Flor Silvestre passed away this Wednesday at the age of 90 , at the “El Soyate” ranch in Zacatecas. The exponent of the Mexican regional was accompanied by her children Pepe and Antonio Aguilar, as well as her other loved ones.

The news was confirmed by Televisa Espectáculos from her Twitter account, where they gave some details about the death of the star of the time gold of Mexican cinema.

Fatigue stopped her heart surrounded by her children and grandchildren. Flor Silvestre will rest next to her great love Antonio Aguilar. He died at the age of 90, in Zacatecas, at his Rancho El Soyate ”, reported the television station.

The National Association of Actors (ANDA) also spoke about the death of Pepe Aguilar's mother and Ángela Aguilar's grandmother.

@andactores deeply regrets the death of our colleague Flor Silvestre, which occurred today. Our condolences to his children @PepeAguilar, Toño Aguilar, family and friends. Rest in Peace, ”he wrote.

So far, none of his close loved ones has given more details of the death of Flor Silvestre.

Guillermina Jiménez Chabolla, real name of Flor Silvestre, will be remembered for her participation in the films Primero soy Ánimas Trujano, El bolero de Raquel y las Hermanas Karambazo , as well as for her interpretation of the themes of the Mexican regional genre, Cielo Rojo and Cruz de Olvido.

She was married to the announcer Paco Malgesto, with whom she procreated her two eldest daughters: Marcela and Cristina Rubiales; but the great love of his life was also the singer Antonio Aguilar, from which Pepe and Antonio were born.

Pepe stayed close to his mother until the last moment, even this year he had the opportunity to publish some anecdotes about the renowned singer of the Mexican regional on his YouTube channel.

In one of these contents, the famous confessed that in his youth he had two loves, whom she could only see, since her uncles would not let her kiss her or get close.

In the same episode she said that she was born in Salamanca, Guerrero, where she lived with her aunts, who always scared or scold her so that stop being a very naughty girl.

“I really liked (climbing the trees), they spanked me because I climbed the lemon,” she said surrounded by her son Pepe and some of her grandchildren.

He stressed that his first opportunity in the cinema came from the hand of Joaquín Pardavé and Luis Aguilar, for the film Primero soy Mexicano .

“They hired me because they heard me sing ... I was 20 years old,” he said.

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