"For my mother's grave": Nacho Aguilar, who was a promoter of Menudo in Mexico, came out in defense of manager Edgardo Diaz and criticized the band's series


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Another testimony is added to the anecdotes that little by little are emerging about Menudo after the premiere of the bio-series Súbete a mi moto , which narrates the rise to fame and the decline of the Puerto Rican group from the perspective of the manager of the band, Edgardo Díaz .__ P__ This is the testimony of Nacho Aguilar, who was in charge of promoting the group in Mexico and the creative brain behind the remembered concert that the boy band offered in 1983 at the Azteca Stadium in Mexico City before 105 thousand people, the vast majority of them young women. This feat had never been accomplished before and it earned the band an international contract with the RCA Victor label .

The former promoter thus referred to his first meeting with Menudo, relating the group to a dish of Mexican gastronomy, also known as pancita or tripe , and which is nothing more than beef stomach in seasoned broth .__ P__ “I come to Venezuela to promote José María Napoleón, and I see everywhere 'Menudo, Menudo' and I say 'use him here, our food is more popular than in Mexico' and I arrive at the Hilton (hotel) and tell the girl who attended me 'Hey, my love, bring me a little please ' and he says 'just go bring it to Margarita Island because tomorrow he will perform there', and I say 'let's see, let's see, talk to me', and he starts to tell about the phenomenon that they were there and that two days ago they had filled the Roberto Clemente stadium, "said the former promoter in a talk for the Ventaneando program .__ P__

In those days Nacho already knew Edgardo Díaz, since they had collaborated when the Puerto Rican was driving the Spanish group La pandilla , so it was not d It is difficult to contact him to meet Menudo, a group that immediately saw the potential to succeed in the Aztec country .__ P__ “There was a time when Edgardo released Menudo to me, already in Mexico I managed Menudo, and how he had to go anticipating opening the United States market, because I had a lot of work, and because of friendship and because of everything we had done to fill the Azteca stadium (he left it to me) ", Aguilar recalled .__ P__" We have been filling places and there were more and more Guys, the Plaza de Toros México filled three times in a day, I told him 'hey, compadre, what if we do the Azteca Stadium?', and he says 'But only once, what if it doesn't fill up?', and I said to him 'You don't remember or you've already forgotten that we have a contract to go to Brazil, to the Maracana, and this is going to be the litmus test, if we fill it up, the Maracana is going to be too small for us, he told me' Why not are you talking to Raúl? ' and I spoke with Raúl Velasco, ”he said .__ P__

At that time Aguilar promoted the purchase of the plane of the group then formed by René Farrait, Xavier Serbiá, Miguel Cancel, Johnny Lozada and Ricky Meléndez .__ P__ Aguilar recalled how it was to move the group in the middle from the crowd around the Azteca Stadium: __ P__ “And I brought them in a Mexican army ambulance and we entered (in front of) everyone's noses, but you can see that those ambulances are closed and (they) covered with sheets, thrown on the ground ”, he told about how it was to avoid the fans of the group .__ P__ Regarding the series thanks to which the Menudo phenomenon is having relevance again, Aguilar disqualified the fact that the production of the project has not consulted with those involved , the members of the group .__ P__

"They didn't even consult the people who actually participated there, that's why René Farrait got angry, Jonhyy also I think he got angry," he said to ensure conclusivem entity that never saw "something strange" inside Menudo, contrary to the various testimonies that assure that in the group led by Edgardo Díaz there was physical and verbal abuse, exploitation and sexual abuse.

“I can swear to you on my mother's grave that never, ever, was there anything strange nor would I have allowed it. What I can tell you, that right now watching the new series, they are taking the third generation forward, which was a disaster. I left, I was there until Ricky Martin arrived as a child ”

The promoter also recalled an episode of rebellion by René Farrait, which happened at the Tapatío hotel in Guadalajara, to whose disco he escaped .__ P__ 'When I arrived at the disco, I had already ordered a whiskey, well no, I said 'it's forbidden, we have 50 journalists here in the hotel and you don't realize that you're not just going to ruin yourself , you're going to ruin all of us, your colleagues, your friends, everyone, "he ended .__ P__ MORE ABOUT THIS TOPIC:

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