Frida Sofia's Fury: From attacks on Christian Estrada's girlfriend, to those of Aylin Mujica


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Alejandra Guzmán's daughter continues her attacks against Maria Fernanda Quiroz (Photo: Frida Sofia's Instagram)

frida Sofia is more active than ever, The daughter of Alejandra Guzmán continues with her attacks against María Fernanda Quiroz, contestant of Guerreros 2020 and girlfriend of Christian Estrada; but his fury now alo also reached Aylin Mujica, who spoke out about his behavior on a television show.

Frida Sofia keeps very alive the grudge against Christian Estrada, with whom she maintained an affair that ended, according to her, because the model became romantically involved with Alejandra Guzmán.

Since this courtship ended, amid diminations and even the revelation of an abortion, the member of the Pinal dynasty seeks to unmask Estrada, who she always accuses of seeking fame and taking advantage of her partners, so as soon as she began her relationship with Quiroz, also known as "Ferka", she has reinforced her attacks on him.

But Christian is no longer the only one in Frida Sofia's crosshairs, because now also goes against Maria Fernanda, whom she has not stopped insulting becauses she continued her courtship even though a few days ago several young men vented several problems next to the also contestant in Guerreros 2020.

(Photo: Frida Sofia's Instagram)

"I still think you're a penFerka and you're going to see it... and those who want to call me crazy is worth an ass, but huge (Sic) ", he said in a video posted from his Instagram stories.

Alejandra Guzmán's daughter exested that her grudge against Maria Fernanda Quiroz intensified after she preferred to stay next to Christian Estrada.

"I am brave that we have given you these trials, in a little shot. He sees everything, sees evidence, sees the disgust of a person that is and is still there, it gets impressive," pointed out bluntly.

She repeated that she is not "burned", only angry with the attitudes of Christian Estrada, who she took advantage of to send a strong message: "What she does and what she is doing you will pay for".

She recalled that if she decided not to have a child with the also sportsman, it was because she discovered him with inappropriate attitudes with singer Alejandra Guzmán.

But Frida Sofia's fury did not end his attacks on Maria Fernanda Quiroz, as he now also bothered with Aylín Mujica (Photo: Instagram by Aylin Mujica)

But Frida Sofia's fury did not end her attacks on María Fernanda Quiroz, as now she also was annoyed with Aylín Mujica, who this week was a guest host of the program Loose the Soup and opined on her behavior.

"I've been left with my mouth open with such rudeness. the Spanish language is so beautiful. Why does the way, there are many ways... t nice of you to talk like that," , he said during his foray into Telemundo's show show.

Faced with this commentary, the entrepreneur also used her social networks and was direct in expressing her new disconformity.

"I know spanish is divine, so I can tell you fuck your fucking mother, old double standards. Do you know why I'm so spoiled? Because no one raised me," said.

He also criticized all of Aylín's performance during his participation in the evening broadcast dedicated to the Latino community in the United States.

They drive me crazy with the that comes out, I'm sick of seeing myself in the nets... All I want to do is exercise, because if they put on my shoes for a second," he added in an extensive message.

She acknowledged that she is "angry with life" for everything she has had to face and at some point will dare to tell it.

"Aylincita don't mess with me, because when you know the truth you're going to keep your mouth open," he concluded.


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