From RBD to Maluma: Angelique Boyer spoke about her relationship with music and why she will not record again


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Facing the end of Empire of Lies , the telenovela that Angelique Boyer starred in in 2020 and which will come to an end this coming Sunday , the actress will take a break in the coming months so as not to saturate her image before viewers. And it is that in this melodrama she played Elisa Cantú, a woman with a strong temperament who had to face kidnappers by teaming up with the police, a challenge for the actress who highlighted the importance of the producer of the project Giselle González.

In labor matters , Angelique will dedicate herself to analyzing future proposals to determine with which project she will return to the screens , however in recent days she caused a commotion among her fans, as the 34-year-old famous declared that she would be willing to return to music.

Angelique already has experience in this area, as he began his career as part of the vocal choreographic group Rabanitos Verdes; Some time later, already within the telenovela Rebelde , he joined Estefanía Villarreal and Zoraida González, his companions in the television series, and they formed the group C3Q’s , so the musical scenarios are not unknown to them.

In recent days he assured press that would return to make music only if the Colombian reggaeton player Maluma proposed it. In this regard, he spoke with Infobae México , and when asked if there had already been a rapprochement with the singer of Felices los Cuatro , the actress revealed:

“The truth is that I have not answered the WhatsApp (to Maluma), it is pure chatter How do you think? I always laugh and make a joke because Maluma I think is the artist who has done the most duets in history, it would be wonderful to do a duet with Maluma baby because we all love him. But no, not at all, ”he revealed.

And the actress assured that prefabricated artists no longer have a place in the current entertainment market, so she advised those who seek a musical career to prepare as much as possible.

I think that we must tell the new generations who have the opportunity on the platforms, I invite them to work very hard to prepare themselves, so that if they want to make music that they learn from the greats, from the best who have left us a Wonderful legacy It is possible, of course, our dreams can be achieved, but it requires a lot of work

“I have a lot of respect for the people who do it (sing) and it is an instrument and you have to work on it, every day it is more difficult to be improvised. I would like to return to the stage without a doubt, because it is wonderful and it can always go hand in hand with the theater, with something scenic, but honestly not making a recording career , "said the actress who remembered with longing her years in Rebelde and the group of there emerged: RBD, whose past reunion was not lost in a special concert.

“I had a wonderful time, very lucky, having toured throughout the Mexican Republic (with Rebelde) and the fact of having a record label , present myself in wonderful places, but I think that every day is more difficult and every day there are ways of seeing the race, I think you have to commit to achieve a career that does have a long-term consequence and requires a lot.

See RBD It was undoubtedly something wonderful to close the memory of 2020, to see them on stage as always, even improved and reinvented, we look forward to another, there were two missing (members. Hopefully it is also another way of seeing Anahí in a closer, enjoy Maite Christian and Christopher who are so talented, soon to see Poncho or Dul . It reminded us of a wonderful time, we were lucky to live the things we live and we are aware that it will not be so easy for the new generations ”, concluded the interpreter.

Source: Infobae

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