Galilea Montijo made fun of Alex Kaffie and rejected distancing from Marisol Gonzalez


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Galilea Montijo denied having problems with his partner from Hoy , Marisol González, and took the opportunity to send a message to Alex Kaffie, responsible for spreading the rumor of a lawsuit between the two drivers: “Mijo, I think your informant is passing you some notes very porridge. Don't get burned like that, better ask me ”.

In an interview with the media and published by the journalist Eden Dorantes, Galilea Montijo assured that the relationship between her and the former beauty queen is on good terms: “I have known Marisol since I was working at Vida TV , that is, imagine where I know her from. The 'cookie' has been telling him since then ” , the host narrated.

The presenter stated that she believes that the audience of the program thinks that they do not have a good dynamic because they are hardly seen together in the show. However, he considers that these attitudes are typical of immaturity.

“Probably people think that because we don't have to interact a lot on stage, but that doesn't mean that we get along badly. (...) We love doing our job. It is up to everyone to do something and we try to do that as best we can. Already, at our age, fighting like kindergarten girls is kind of ugly. So no " , concluded Galilea

The host also addressed what the entertainment journalist Alex Kaffie wrote in the column Sin Lisonja entitled" I have bad news for Galilea " and published last Monday, January 11 .

" El Kaffie, You know how it is. I already told him: 'Mijo, I think your informant is passing you some very grim notes. Do not burn like that, better ask me, '"said the presenter, who also said that between the two there is a love derived from a long working relationship.

" I think there are no notes for this year, guys. There are no notes! No, I mean. And after two years, maybe at first people could think about it, but no, "said Galilea, referring to the time Marisol has been working as part of Hoy's main driver staff .

Rumors about a possible enmity Among the drivers became stronger once the journalist Alex Kaffie wrote that, after recovering from Covid-19, Marisol's return to morning driving could cause enormous discomfort to Galilee.

After having tested positive for the coronavirus and having remained isolated to follow all sanitary measures, Marisol González joined the leadership of Hoy during the morning of this Wednesday.

The presenter was absent during the first broadcasts of 2021 for no apparent reason. Until last Friday she announced in a link with the program that both she and her husband, Rafael Lugo, tested positive for COVID-19.

Sports commentator Rafael Márquez Lugo and Marisol were kept isolated from the rest of their family and the corresponding tests were carried out after presenting some symptoms during the last days of December.

“Well here, reporting, thanking everyone who has been In contact with me, to all those who have been asking, I tell them that fortunately I am fine ", the model commented in a link with the program to announce her condition.

The presenter also shared with the audience that during the illness she presented loss of smell , taste and a slight cough. However, the model joined the program to enjoy the changes that were made in the morning program to receive this 2021.

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