Geraldine Bazan's mysterious message that sparked speculation about a new romance


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Geraldine Bazán started 2021 with the left foot, but surrounded by the love of her loved ones, among which a very special person in her life stood out. And the actress was operated last weekend and took the opportunity to send a mysterious message that could reveal a romance at the door.

Almost a month after the last Gabriel Soto scandal and in which she was involved as the possible person responsible for filtering the intimate video of her ex-partner, Geraldine Bazán reappeared on social networks with the news that she was operated on for a knee injury .

But perhaps what was most surprising was when he spoke of a special person who has dedicated "love and time" to him, but who did not reveal his identity.

This soon raised doubts about whether the actress is already opening up to love again , after starring in a controversial separation with the father of his daughters, who has a solid relationship with Irina Baeva and a few weeks ago faced the leak of an intimate video.

“I tell you, I'm already dating, I'm waiting for me to Discharge, because this weekend I had a surgery that among other things was on the knee, well, it definitely had to be surgery, "he said through his Instagram stories.

Bazán commented that he is focused on his treatment, already who wants to get back into business as soon as possible. "It will be a long process in which I will have to take rehabilitation, I will walk with crutches for a while, but hey, always with joy, with good disposition and with discipline I will get out of this soon," he mentioned still from his hospital bed.

took the opportunity to thank her doctor, family, friends and fans, who accompany her at every step she takes, but she highlighted in a very special and even flirtatious way a mysterious message.

“To you, you already know who you are , thank you for your love, for your time, for pampering me so much, thank you ”, he commented at the end of his transmission on the social network in which he has almost five million followers.

Geraldine Bazán's injury occurred at the beginning of this 2021, just when she was vacationing next to their daughters in the Riviera Maya, a journey they undertook after the scandal over Gabriel Soto's intimate video.

“Yes, my knee is chipped (injured), apparently torn ligaments. I share it because we do not realize how valuable our health is until there is something that is not 100%, "he wrote on January 4 of this year.

Despite her injury, the actress did not stop enjoying her trip to the side of Elisa Marie and Alexa Miranda, with whom he was seen enjoying the turquoise beaches and the heat of the Riviera Maya.

Geraldine and her two daughters arrived in the Mexican Caribbean to forget about the scandal that Gabriel Soto starred in at the end of 2020, when A compromising clip was leaked and that violated his privacy

The actor accepted that due to this situation he could take action against who is responsible and adhere to the Olimpia Law, which punishes digital violence in our country

While Soto moved away from the reflectors and only appeared to celebrate the arrival of the New Year or to rejoin their work activities in the forums of the telenovela Do you remember me? Geraldine Bazán has been more than active in different tourist destinations, first in Aspen, Colorado, and later in the Riviera Maya, where she evaded the versions that blame her for spreading the intimate video.

Video: Suelta la sopa.

Despite This was intercepted by the Suelta la sopa program , where she denied any responsibility for this leak: “Absolutely a lie. That I do want to clarify, at no time, never, of my relationship did I receive a video like that.

And he commented on how his daughters and Gabriel Soto feel about all this. "It is something quite embarrassing for him and too embarrassing for my daughters," he said for the Telemundo entertainment program.

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