Gerard Pique opens up about his children with Shakira: "They live with excessive pressure"


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Shakira already said it a couple of years ago in a rare interview: "It is not easy to raise children when you are a public figure." So much so that, in fact, the Colombian singer came to launch an application in 2016 to advise new parents. Now it has been his partner, Gerard Piqué, who has spoken openly about the difficulty of raising two children being they, as parents, very famous people, of great public projection.

It is rare for the FC Barcelona footballer to open up on these personal aspects of his life, but this time he has done it in the program Nexes , of the Catalan regional channel TV3. The presenters bring up the subject to Piqué and he does not hesitate to give account of the pressure that the little Milan, eight years old, and Sasha, six, have because of the careers and the fame of their parents.

“Your children Sure, they have a number one father and a number one mother. It must be very difficult for them at times ”, they ask Piqué in Nexes. He reflects and affirms that you have to "know how to balance as parents." "I remember that my father never let me win and instead, with Shaki sometimes we let them win," he acknowledges. “Because we understand that they have a completely different context than what I or she had, that they were unknown parents, we did not have this pressure. Our children live with excessive pressure, "says the footballer.

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"It is what it is," he assumes, "they were born with that." For this reason, he recognizes that sometimes they are granted small privileges: “I think it is important that, sometimes, they have personal victories, even at home. Playing football with Milan or Sasha you let them win, because if it will cost them so much or if they will already have that pressure to win away from home, hosti , let them feel that they have these personal victories inside. ”

Shakira and Piqué do not come from environments of fame. The singer was born in Barranquilla, Colombia, and her parents were William Mebarak, a journalist, radio host and American businessman of Lebanese origin who emigrated to Colombia at the age of five, and Nidia Ripoll, a Colombian of Catalan descent. "In Barranquilla, my father is not Shakira's father, but I am William's daughter," the artist said a few years ago, at the presentation of a book by her father. For his part, Piqué is the son of Joan Piqué, businessman and lawyer, and of Dr. Montserrat Bernabéu, a doctor specializing in spinal injuries and neurorehabilitation at the Guttman Hospital Institute in Barcelona, and who was president of the Spanish Neurorehabilitation Society between 2005 and 2012. The player's maternal grandfather was Amador Bernabéu, a former Barça manager.

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The couple met during the 2010 Soccer World Cup held in South Africa and a few months later she ended her eleven-year courtship with the Argentine Antonio de la Rúa, son of the former president of Argentina, Fernando de la Rúa . The break was at first exemplary and the singer did not take long to settle in Barcelona next to the footballer, with whom she has been in a relationship for 10 years. The triumph in their respective careers and the fact that Shakira herself has admitted that they are not "a traditional couple" has not been an impediment for the two to act as involved parents. “It is not that we have a written agreement,” said the singer in an interview with an Argentine magazine in 2020, “in which we divide up the tasks, but we are both very involved parents and we are managing as we can, supporting each other and also in our families ”.

Since they decided to join their lives and their two children came to the world, it is normal to see Shakira and Piqué share playful moments with them and try to organize themselves to be close to one when the other is prevented by their professional commitments. The singer returned to tour, El Dorado World Tour , after a few years focused on raising his children, and the footballer adds multiple activities derived from his business side to his training and matches, including being a promoter of the new Cup Davis, the tennis competition that he himself helped to renew and revitalize and for whose management he created a company, Kosmos Global Holding, in which he invested 60 million euros up front.

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