"God is in control and he knows why": Chiquis Rivera was evacuated from a plane with a mechanical failure


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Chiquis Rivera revealed that she was evacuated from a plane with a mechanical failure (Video: Instagram @ chiquis)

Chiquis Rivera suffered a scare last Friday when she was told that the plane in which she was about to travel had a breakdown . Fortunately, it was detected in time and she was able to get off the ship.

Through her Instagram stories, the singer revealed the news to her followers and explained that she was at the Miami airport.

“Well, everything happens for a reason. . We just got off the plane that some part was not working, they wanted to fix it and they couldn't , so here we are in Miami at the airport, ”the singer began.

Despite what happened, Rivera explained that he would take advantage of the situation and he would enjoy some drinks with his friends. The singer added that she told her grandmother about what happened and she stressed that God controls things.

“Drinks! I miss tequila! Hey, we have to make the best of every situation, no way. Right now my grandmother just told me: 'God is in control and he knows why', because I got off and we got off, "he concluded.

His followers sent him messages of relief when they knew that everything was fine, and many more wrote hearts and good wishes on her Instagram account

Meanwhile, she enjoyed the company of her friends, although on the plane she expressed a bit of regret for the hangover she was having. After arriving in Miami, she went to enjoy some .

tacos On Saturday morning, Jenni Rivera's daughter decided to exercise and “burn” the tacos and alcohol she drank the day before. In addition to this, to do her boxing routine, the interpreter decided to wear a sweatshirt with the face of her deceased mother.

Another tragedy was avoided

It was the night of December 8, 2012 when Jenni gave a tremendous concert at the Arena Monterrey before more than 17 thousand people, who did not imagine that the show would be the last in the life of the “Diva of the band.”

“She says' how good that the media is recording (the concert) because tomorrow I I'm going to be news . At that concert Jenni passed it like never before, she sang and cried, she turned a lot to the sky, grateful to God, "said host Javier Estrella to the program" In his battles. " The recital that Jenni gave on a stage in the shape of a cross, a fact that not a few took as "a premonition" of what would come next.

Just a few minutes after taking off from the airport in Monterrey, contact was lost with the aircraft in which Also traveling were Arturo Rivera, Jenni's representative; Mario Macías, his lawyer; Jacob Llenares, her makeup artist; Gerardo "N" and pilots Miguel Pérez and Alejandro Torres.

Then began hours of anguish for Jenni's family and followers until the tragedy was consummated.

The Ministry of Communications and Transportation ( SCT ) reported that Sunday afternoon that They had found the plane at the “El Tejocote” ranch , municipality of Iturbide -in the northern state of Nuevo León.

The Learjet was destroyed and the authorities ended up cutting off any hope: there were no survivors.

A pilgrimage began even there. of Jenni's followers. Clothes, photos, IDs were scattered all over the grounds. The signs of pain at the tragedy began, but above all the expressions of affection for the interpreter who put her voice to millions of women.


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