Grettell Valdez clarifies her husband's legal situation: she has to pay what she owes to Switzerland


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Actress Grettell Valdez went out to testify In the legal status of her husband, Leo Clerc, who was charged with committing fraud, title forgery and money laundering, he was sentenced to up to 18 months in prison in his native Switzerland.

According to the actress, she was aware of what Clerc did, however, she explained the situation by saying that it was because it was "he did it when he was very young". So he said through a video posted on his Youtube profile:

The actress claimed that she knew about the crime, but that for her it was only a mistake and that "everyone deserves second chances" (Photo: Instagram @grettellv)

According to the first versions, Leo Clerc had not been able to return from his trip from Switzerland for allegedly testing COVID-19 positive, but a statement was released shortly thereafter explaining that the model had been arrested for having committed tax crimes when he was an accountant for a major Swiss transnational. According to the document, the fraud also featured an ex-partner of Clerc, who is currently in England and four other friends of the model.

According to Window, fraude would have been committed using credit cards belonging to the company and whose accounting Clerc handled along with his accomplices, so they took advantage of the credit for own expenses. The money was used by Leo and his ex-partner to travel through different countries such as Morocco, Polynesia, Thailand, Milan, Venice, Japan, China, Greece, Cannes and Maldives.

In the statement made known to Leo Clerc, he listed the incident as a bug of youth "of which I repent to this day; a mistake that I publicly admitted and which had a public sanction, an error on which I will not stop until I compensate the society of my country for any harm that has caused it directly or indirectly. I am currently in Switzerland attending to my legal status in total freedom of movement."

So far, Leo Clerc follows his process in freedom but cannot leave Switzerland until he compensates for the damage to the company (Photo: Instagram @grettellv)

According to Grettell, her husband is free and continues his process to be able to fix and reach an agreement with the company in order to compensate for the damages, which amount to 1 million 700 thousand Swiss francs, the equivalent of 41 million 470 725 Mexican pesos, of which he has barely been able to return an amount of almost 1 million pesos.

The actress also put as context that her husband is concerned not about her legal situation but about the health condition of her mother, who has diabetes and was amputated both feet, a situation that goes from bad to worse because she is in intensive care because she was diagnosed as positive to COVID-19. She also said that a niece of the model also caught the disease .

The actress said her husband will remain in Switzerland until the process is resolved but that he will stand by her side because both have worked to form a strong marriage and that they will seek to confront the adversity together:


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