Harald and Sonia of Norway celebrate 30 years as kings and parents of a peculiar royal family


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The kings of Norway are these days of celebration. They celebrate 30 years on the throne . This time there have been no big parties, the pandemic forces modest acts. In this case a photo session and a few words from the protagonists. “Being kings of the country for 30 years fills us with gratitude. We look back with joy at the hundreds of trips and visits we have made to our country throughout all these years. We look back to remember encounters with people high in the mountains and on plateaus, on the coast and in deep forests, in cities and towns, ”they confessed. And they added: “We have met in all kinds of conditions. We have shared both good and fun and sad and difficult experiences. We are deeply grateful that you always receive us with such warmth and hospitality when we visit you regardless of the occasion. We have been able to experience and meet a people in all their diversity, courage and perseverance. Who sees opportunities and who cares about others. Across Norway we meet people with a deep love for their hometown, their community, and their peers. It fills us with infinite joy and pride. Thank you for the company on this trip so far! ”They assured.

This has not been an easy year for either of us. First they had to deal with the death of Ari Behn, the ex-husband of their daughter Marta Luisa, and then came Harald's health problems. The sovereign, who is a great sportsman and participated in sailing competitions at the Olympic Games, has been in fragile health for several years, but has always refused to abdicate. In addition to his heart operation in 2005, he had undergone surgery in 2003 for bladder cancer. Also in November 2017, he suffered an infection that forced him to stay in hospital for three days. And last year, in December 2019, a virus forced him to spend a few days away from his duties, something that was repeated last January due to dizziness . It all ended with an operation in which a heart valve placed 15 years ago was replaced. In all those moments of sick leave, Haakon took over his father's job.

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Harald from Norway and Sonia Haraldsen form one of the strongest couples of the European monarchies. They met when they were 15 years old at a summer camp. He was the heir to the throne and she was the daughter of a merchant. A youthful love that nobody bet on. They kept their relationship a secret for almost a decade. During that time of discretion even other couples were awarded to Harald, including the then Sophia of Greece. They say that the daughter of King Pablo, today Queen Emeritus of Spain , fell in love with the handsome Norwegian but despite this, he continued to bet on Sonia. On August 29, 1968, the couple got married in Oslo Cathedral. In her case, love triumphed and her story with a happy ending opened the door to other people who, without being members of real families, became part of them. Perhaps for this reason, the kings of Norway accepted that their son Haakon married Mette Marit, a woman who brought a child to the marriage , and now they try to do the best they can that their daughter Marta Luisa has fallen in love with the shaman Durek Verret .

Marta Luisa is a dissonant note in the Norwegian royal family. After lecturing with her shaman boyfriend, the princess has now announced that she will participate in a television show of challenges, a series of challenges in which familiar faces from the country will participate. At Helt Harald you will see Nordic celebrities water skiing, rallying, horse riding through snowy country landscapes or rafting. In the first images that have circulated of the program as a promotion, the princess is seen riding a horse.

Television is not the only medium in which Marta Luisa is experimenting. Just a few days ago, she spoke in a podcast about her adolescence and early youth, where she revealed that she was a girl full of insecurities, that she made a great effort to please everyone and that she discovered that many of the friends she had did not they were and they were only by his side because he was a member of royalty.

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