"He's not a bad child": almost three weeks after the attack on Tefi Valenzuela, Eleazar "N "'s mother broke the silence


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Days after confirming that Eleazar "N" will remain a few more weeks in the North Prison for attacking the model Stephanie Valenzuela, the actor's mother broke the silence to endorse her support for her son and talk about his personality: "No he's a bad kid, he's sweet and he's always been a hard worker ”.

Melissa Sánchez spoke about the case of the protagonist of Dare to dream and Miss XV through the Instagram account of her daughter Zoraida Gómez, also an actress in various Televisa productions, among which Rebelde and Me caigo de laughter stand out.

The mother of both artists was seen calm in the video published, but always highlighting the love and support for those who have been detained for three weeks for hitting, biting and presumably trying to strangle the also singer of Peruvian origin in early November .

“My daughter Zoraida, my son Ali and I are here to support him. The thing is that I am diabetic, hypertensive, I have surgery for a stroke, I am 61 years old and I cannot go to visit him where he is, "he said in the clip of a few seconds shared last Monday night.

stressed that for these reasons He has not been able to get close to the 34-year-old actor, but he has “really wanted to hug him, kiss him and tell him that I love him with all my heart.”

Mrs. Melisa also sought to defend him by revealing some characteristics of the Eleazar “N” personality: “ He really is not a bad child, he is a sweet, hardworking child, he has always been a hard worker ”.

indicated that neither she nor her other two children can offer statements so as not to hinder the criminal process that Eleaza r is being persecuted in the penitentiary center located north of Mexico City, but took advantage of her daughter's social networks to send a clear message about his support for the former actor of La Mexicana y el Güero.

“I love him very much and I love him forever. His whole family is here, supporting him with everything and for everything ”, he concluded.

This is the first time that the actor's mother has pronounced on the case, since during the hearing held last Thursday she was against doing so after suffering some health problems, mainly with her blood pressure.

In another video broadcast on social networks, Melisa herself offered a public apology for not stopping to speak to the media after leaving the capital played last week and gave some details of her health situation.

"I feel terrible, I can't walk, my pressure has dropped and I can't even speak," he said in the clip of a few seconds.

The life of actor Eleazar "N" changed radically in recent weeks. From being part of the cast of a Televisa telenovela, he became a prisoner in the North Prison for allegedly assaulting his ex-girlfriend, the model Stephanie Valenzuela, who has told lurid details of the night that marked them both forever. A few weeks ago, the actor was arrested in the Napoles neighborhood in Mexico City, after having beaten, bitten and tried to strangle the singer of Peruvian origin. The anger would have originated hours after being committed in front of some of his loved ones.

Tefi Valenzuela, as he is also known, has expressed his interest in forgiving his aggressor from the heart, but assured that he will take the process to the last consequences because he seeks to teach him a lesson and that there is no more victim in the actor's history.

For its part, the defense of Eleazar "N" has stated that the actor is willing to reconcile and undergo therapy so as not to return to violence against women.

has also been left without the support of the people that until the beginning of the scandal they managed his artistic career and was also replaced by Ferdinando Valencia in the recordings of the telenovela La Mexicana and el Güero , with which the producer Nicandro Díaz and Televisa distanced themselves from the controversy and the case.

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