"He has done everything to me": Amanda Miguel revealed that Diego Verdaguer was unfaithful to him


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One of the most stable couples in show business is that of Amanda Miguel and Diego Verdaguer , but this stability has not come without problems, as the marriage has had to face a lot, such as their recent separation for a long period of time for la pandemia.

In an interview on the program "Tu-night" with Omar Chaparro, the Argentine singer recounted the most complicated episodes with Diego, such as the occasion on which she found out about his infidelity, although she did not refer directly to him .

And the thing is that when the driver asked if Diego had done something that would have made him want to pay him in the same coin, Amanda Miguel affirmed that she would not be able to do the same. The singer said so:

Yes, but I wouldn't be able to. I have not been unfaithful to my husband and I would never be unfaithful to him (...) Suddenly he has done everything to me and I have forgiven him, and I do not regret it because today I have a family, whatever it may be. But yes, Diego has done things to me that I would never do to him

Faced with this response, Omar Chaparro was left with an astonished face , so he immediately tried to regulate the atmosphere of the program with a joke, which must be said, it was not the most appropriate option, since this caused Amanda's annoyance , who responded in a brusque way:

"I was referring to something like he didn't lift the bathroom lid," said Omar Chaparro with an ironic tone. The singer's response, with a dry tone, was “I don't speak stupid things.”

And recently, Amanda Miguel herself starred in a scene of jealousy when Diego Verdaguer was invited to the morning show “Hoy”, where he lived very closely with Galilea Montijo , so Amanda immediately dedicated a very controversial comment to the driver , who apologized and said that this type of approach towards Verdaguer was not her intention.

This was the message she dedicated to Galilea Montijo , but especially Diego Verdaguer:

Galilea Montijo is divine, it was only a video and kisses; in any case, they should be avoided ... just in case ... just to avoid "illusions"

The couple had not had a good time because both were separated when the strong point of the COVID-19 pandemic arrived , so they were not together for more than three months , in which Diego Verdaguer did not stop sending praise to his wife and She did her own thing, for her part.

In fact, in an interview that he gave via remote to the newspaper El Universal , the Argentine said the following about his relationship with Amanda Miguel:

I am going to hug her, kiss her, to begin with ... and surely we are going to make love, for a monk I did not come to this world. We are as if we had been through a war, as if I had been on one continent and she on another. It is not easy, on the one hand it is refreshing but it has been very long and circumstances can arise that make you doubt, think

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