"Her violence was greater every day": Consuelo Duval revealed the details of why she divorced the father of her children


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The host and comedian Consuelo Duval revealed the reason why she decided to abandon her ex-partner , named Ariel, with whom she has two children: Paly and Michel.

Duval claimed that she separated from Ariel because he used addictive substances and She behaved erratically and even violently, for which on one occasion he threatened to physically attack her, so she decided to put a stop to the situation by keeping distance in between.

According to the driver said, she met Ariel in a of the presentations of the Center for Artistic Studies of Televisa (CEA), after they were presented by Alexis Ayala. From there a crush arose and before she finished her studies at the artistic academy, she was already pregnant. This was said in an interview with the journalist Mara Patricia Castañeda for her YouTube channel:

Alexis Ayala presents it to me, who went to see a play, my final exam and then this father of my biological children tells him 'I'm going to marry her'. He introduces me to him, I say it is the most leathery leather in the world and I finish the CEA pregnant

Not only was she facing her pregnancy but also the anger of her father, who apparently still had some conflicting ideas about his daughter getting pregnant out of wedlock so Consuelo told Ariel that they had to get married. This was something that did not displease him and they decided to marry by civil means, since he said that he would never accept to marry by religious or ecclesiastical means :

I told him: 'We have to get married because if I am not going to kill my father' and look in honor of him I married two, three times for not killing him (...) I got married without my father knowing, according to me, just because the civilian, I was never going to marry for the church

However, nine months after giving birth to her little son, Consuelo Duval became pregnant again, so she was afraid to say so because she was already on Televisa and she did not know if they would suspend her or the reactions she would generate. To add more suspense, at that moment she realized that her husband was acting strangely and was beginning to have violent reactions.

It was until on one occasion that he realized that he was hitting his children, because he was bathing Michel and discovered a mark of a blow, so he complained to him and he began to act strange:

I noticed strange things about him. He worked at night and then he would arrive and you had to keep quiet. One day, I remember, that he hit Michel and then when it was time to bathe him he saw his hand in Michel's pomp, who was about two and a half years old (...) I told him: 'That is not done to a son 'and, suddenly, I see that he was hitting his hand with the door, he was like whipping

Consuelo said that she realized that Ariel was using substances when, on one occasion, he entered the toilet and when he left, his pupils were dilated almost three times their original size, so he was convinced that he was taking drugs. As if that were not enough, his behavior was increasingly violent and aggressive, to such a degree that on some occasion he raised his hand:

One day we go for a walk and he goes to the bathroom, when he comes out I see that the blackness of his eyes is three times as big as before entering. I was so stuck with being a mother, in the role of self-sacrificing and exemplary wife that I didn't realize that she was doing drugs. His violence was greater every day (...) One day he raised his hand and I told him: 'Don't even think about it because I tell my brother and you're not going to finish it'

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