"How much would I give to shout our love to them": the close relationship between Ana Gabriel and Veronica Castro that resurfaced with force


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Ana Gabriel and Verónica Castro have been romantically linked over the years, they have never talked about it (Video: YouTube A time to remember) __ SCRIPT__0

This Thursday a strong rumor involving the Mexican singer-songwriter Ana Gabriel was generated as a trend on Twitter , since multiple users highlight the fact that he apparently dedicated one of his most emblematic songs to Verónica Castro.

The singer who achieved her greatest success in the 80s returned to the center of the controversy by highlighting that the song Simply friends, hit from 1988 , It would have been inspired by the famous actress and presenter, who at that time triumphed on international television with melodramas such as The Rich Also Cry and Wild Rose , and was considered one of the most captivating beauties of the artistic medium that conquered the hearts of more one, and apparently more than one as well.

Although the rumor had already been a topic of conversation for many years, it was the revelation of the journalist Jorge Carbajal, who in his YouTube channel assured that both celebrities had had an affair , the cause of which the issue was again positioned at the center of the controversy.

Carbajal assured that Ana Gabriel wanted to publicize the courtship, however the refusal of Veronica, who preferred to keep his image of traditional soap opera heroine, would rehusado.

he also claimed that a makeup artist Ana confessed that the singer was very excited about the actress and presenter, but later Vero He warned him that he would not see her again.

These versions aroused suspicions about whether the lyrics of Ana Gabriel's songs are dedicated to women , as has already been speculated a lot, since many of her songs speak of hidden loves and the desire to show oneself as it is. So reads the lyrics of the song, whose dedication is awarded to Verónica Castro.

Always, as is customary day by day it is the same,

there is nothing to say, in front of the people it is like that,

friends, simply friends and nothing else .

But who really knows what happens between the two,

if each one at night fakes goodbye.

How much would I give to shout our love to them,

to tell them that when we close the door we love each other uncontrollably,

that we wake up hugging, wanting to continue loving each other,

but they do not really accept our love.

Always, with looks we always give each other all our love,

we speak without speaking, everything is silence in our walk.

Of course the reactions of netizens have not been long in coming and witty phrases have emerged and there are even those who brought up the romance that Yolanda Andrade claimed to have had with Verónica, with whom she said she married in Amsterdam, Holland, in a spiritual ceremony : "I wish they loved me as Ana Gabriel loved Verónica Castro", "Yolanda Andrade's face when she found out that Simply Friends of Ana Gabriel is dedicated to Verónica Castro", say some memes.

Although times have changed, And despite the rampant homophobia, the truth is that now in certain social circles people feel more free to express their sexual orientation , unlike 30 years ago, when in society free expression in this regard was not so common. in the middle of the Mexican show business

Undoubtedly, the lyrics known to many and sung through the decades had been interpreted as a cry of love from a woman to a man, however it can be said that she is open to the interpretation and universality of human relationships.

"My mother's face when she found out that her favorite song is for another woman", "I crying to see that they do not accept our love" , say the memes of this rumor that was revived, and of which none of its protagonists has confirmed or denied the version.

Simply friends is a ballad written and performed by Ana Gabriel. It was produced by Mariano Pérez Bautista as the second single from his fourth studio album Tierra de Nadie . It became the artist's second number one single on the Billboard Hot Latin Tracks .

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