Hugh Grant reveals that Hollywood closed the door to him for seven years


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Hugh Grant took a seven-year break from Hollywood in the late 2000s but the decision was not his. “It happened after you shot the lyrics, I the music. In That moment it wasn't me who quit Hollywood. Hollywood abandoned me because I was a huge fool with that movie, "explained Grant, currently co-starring with Nicole Kidman in HBO's The Undoing , to the Los Angeles Times.

The actor has revealed that his wife" never liked "his comedies Romantic and humorous, he assures that in his opinion his "masterpiece" is And, where are the Morgans ?, which received scathing reviews and earned only 29 million at the national box office, while its production cost 58 million. "The days of being a high-paid leading man disappeared overnight," Grant reflected. "It was a bit embarrassing, but it left my life free for other things." These days, those “other things” include raising the three young children he shares with his wife Anna Eberstein. The actor is a staunch defender of his privacy and that of his family. In May 2018, she married Eberstein in a private ceremony of which no images were revealed. Their children were born in 2012, 2015 and March 2018 . He also has two more children with actress Tinglan Hong , Tabitha (8 years old) and Felix (6 years old). She has never publicly announced their births or posed with them, so there are hardly any family images. PP Hugh Grant jokes that she sometimes tries to "escape" from her children. “I am an old man with very young children and a very exhausted wife. So it's just about surviving hour after hour in terms of childcare, "says Grant, of the last few months of quarantine in which he has mostly been involved in walking in and out of a 2-year-old's room and saying shh o words to that effect, though not always so soft. But Grant has two more children. “It is completely heartbreaking trying to be a young father in the body of an old man and I have discovered that if you are 60 years old and there are small children, you cannot have a hangover at home either. But is it worth it. Absolutely. People tell me, 'You've improved as an actor in the last ten years ... Why?' And sometimes I think it could be because of them, "he reflects.

" I've never been a good boy ... but my children saved me. " Grant, 60, reveals how life as a parent at this age has kept him from being a "scary, golf-addicted bachelor." The actor, who turned 60 on September 9 , has five children and lives in a six-bedroom terraced house in Chelsea with Anna Eberstein and three of the children, born in the past nine years. Eberstein is a Swedish production company that stays out of the public eye and has never made any statements about her life. The other two stem from a relationship with Tinglan Hong.

Despite his keen British accent and his penchant for playing middle- or upper-class characters, Grant insists he didn't grow up rich or privileged. “I know my voice is confusing, but my past was not privileged: my family was not very poor, but we were not rich in any way. We didn't go on vacation abroad or anything like that; I didn't even fly until I was 20 ″. His first job was "cleaning the toilets in a pub", an occupation that earned him 21 pounds. “I thought it was a fortune,” he said.

In recent years, he has developed a career in defense of his privacy and against the tabloids. Grant has suffered wiretaps and wiretapping by the News of the World newspapers (to which he contributed shutdown) and The Sun. Not only did he denounce these wiretaps and testify against those who carried them out, but he himself actively participated in making them public by secretly recording the journalists who spied on him. In 2011, he had obtained a 100-meter restraining order for Tinglan Hong and his then-first son.

A year later, in 2012, when he received a “significant sum of money” (which was not made public) as compensation, he decided to donate it to a campaign to combat illegal practices of this type in tabloid media. Something that he repeated in 2018 with the 110,000 euros that he received from the Mirror Group Newspapers media group and that he also wanted to donate to the activist group Hacked Off and its campaign against illegal interceptions .

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