Husband of Grettell Valdez was imprisoned in Switzerland and served an 18-month sentence for fraud and money laundering


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After a few days ago Mexican actress Grettell Valdez stated that she was estranged from her husband, Swedish entrepreneur Leo Clerc, because he was stranded in his home country because of an airline problem in which he was hampered from returning to Mexico, due to travel restrictions arising from the coronavirus pandemic, now clerc's real cause of clerc is in that country has

In a talk in days gone by for the show The 7 Break, Grettell said she felt very sad and bizarre her husband, pu after weeks they had not been able to meet and he was present with her on his birthday; however, the displays of affection were not made to wait and through their social media profiles the husbands shared romantic messages.

In the online segment of the network Univision, the actress told host Alejandra Espinoza when it had been the last time her husband gave her a kiss; "I kiss all the time, right now not because my husband is trapped in Switzerland. He couldn't make it to my birthday, which is very trite," Valdéz said without giving further details of his partner's visit to the European country or what was the reason he moved there.

Mexican actress is presumed to be unaware of her husband's illicit activities (Photo: Instagram@grettellv)

"Three weeks or four weeks (which I don't see), the truth is that I don't even want to think because the airline still doesn't even tell you when the return is," she said at the time visibly distressed.

However, this afternoon the programme Ventaneando disclosed that the Swedish entrepreneur is in prison, as he was sentenced to 18 months in prison on an allegation of fraud and money laundering. "It's because he's facing a fraud lawsuit as a former accountant for a major transnational company," said Pati Chapoy, the owner of TV Azteca. "He has already been sentenced to 18 months in prison and is expected to continue this process in Switzerland," added journalist Monica Castañeda, who is part of the broadcast's presenting table.

The information disseminated in the program ensured that the prosecutor in charge of the case was lenient with the entrepreneur, who returned 40 thousand of a million 700 thousand Swiss francs thinesque between him and his former partner, a French woman, fraudulently obtained over a five-year period through the falsification of credit cards of the employees of that company.

The couple married in Acapulco in 2018 (Photo: Instagram@grettellv)

Convicted of fraud for trade and money laundering, the model also gave off a life next to the woman with whom she was a couple and visited tourist destinations at the time such as Thailand, Morocco, Polynesia, Venice, Milan, Japan, China, Greece, Monaco, Maldives and Italy, places where they enjoyed without skimping on expenses.

It was also spread that the former partner of the Swiss businessman, who acted as his accomplice, spent great amount of money on exclusive garments of luxury boutiques international: "I loved him, I knew it was not good but I did not realize the consequences at this time", were the words of the woman in a statement read by journalist Rosario Murrieta in the broadcast.

Clerc also acted in contubernio with four other people, who are also in debt and will receive sentencing. "The other four accomplices of the accused were sent and tried separately, the accused enjoyed the relative leniency of the prosecutor in view of his attitude during the trial and also because he has already reimbursed some 40,000 francs; the man remains indebted with the balance of the wrong sum," the statement read to the air read read.

The entrepreneur operated with the help of five accomplices, who are also already under process (Photo: instagram @GrettellValdez)

Grettell Valdéz and Leo Clerc joined in marriage in December 2018 in a ceremony held in the port of Acapulco. Since then the businessman and the actress formed a family next to her son, Santino, with whom Clerc made a good relationship.

At the time Grettell has not spoken about it and is presumed to be unaware of the wrongdoing that her husband had incurred in his native country.


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