"I'm going to go crazy": Brenda Zambrano shared the horror events that occur in her house


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For weeks, Brenda Zambrano , the 27-year-old model, began to tell her 4.9 million followers on Instagram a series of strange events that have occurred in the apartment that she shares with her partner, the model and television star Guty Carrera . Broken virgins, strange sounds in the early morning and testimonies of inexplicable movements sum up the experience of Tamaulipas in recent days.

It all started with a series of stories where Brenda told that a friend of hers sent her a photo from her apartment. In it, a figure of the Virgin of Guadalupe that belonged to the model is on the ground completely broken . "Yes, I'm very out of the loop," she said in the same Instagram stories. " I don't know what to believe. I do not know what to do. Now that Guty comes, we can see what we do. ”

In all the videos available in the highlights of Brenda's account, she has reiterated on multiple occasions how scary she is , especially in terms of“ energies ”and“ ghosts ”. He defended himself from those who insinuate on social networks that he only said he had appearances at home to get attention: “I don't post that kind of thing. I mean, why would I want to do this if I share, more than anything, what I live from day to day, but not ghost things? ”.

Recently the couple of models published in their profiles the record of abnormal movement in their department . Having placed cameras both in their room and on the ground floor of the penthouse they share, they provided evidence of how some of their furniture moves on its own . First it was a fan in his room while they slept.

A few days ago he shared a video where it was clearly seen how one of the chairs in his dining room is dragged slowly at dawn. This was the final straw for the Tamaulipeca. "I even want to cry out of fear, " confessed the former participant from Acapulco Shore.

In fact, Zambrano said that there have been several nights where he wakes up in the middle of the morning because of the noise he hears on the ground floor of the apartment and in his own room. He insisted that there are times when he wakes up at 2, at 3 and until 3:33 in the morning exactly.

On the other hand, Guty Carrera has shown his followers how he has done "clean" around the house with incense and other materials. This, however, has not proven to be effective in reducing his girlfriend's tensions regarding the presence of ghosts.

" I don't know what the hell is going on anymore ," Zambrano said on the verge of tears. “ I'm going to go crazy. If I'm already crazy, I'm going to go back more! ”.

Although she would love to leave the department as soon as possible , the model explained to her followers that she cannot do it as fast as she wanted, she must first wait to terminate the contract with her current home and leave everything in order. “You can't go out like this overnight. We are already moving so that they give us the okay ”.

However, to Brenda's fortune, she herself declared in a brief comment that she is already planning to move with her boyfriend:“ We already have the other apartment ”. Of course, they cannot abandon it without first fixing what is necessary to avoid difficulties. “We can't go like this ... now. Everything takes a process, you know, if we don't want to have legal problems.

The last incident they had related to these phenomena was a failure of the television in their room where the screen began to flicker and have flashing green lights (available in the Brenda Zambrano's Tik Tok account). "I swear to my mother that I'm not making anything up," he said.


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