"I cried and gave him a kiss on the forehead": Lorenzo Mendez finally spoke of his break with Chiquis and confessed that he was in rehabilitation


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Lorenzo Méndez revealed what were the causes that led him to divorce with "Chiquis" Rivera (Video: El gordo y la flaca) __ SCRIPT__0

After a week ago it became known that Chiquis Rivera filed the divorce petition in the United States court United , and after being caught kissing with the restaurant entrepreneur Jorge Cueva , known as Mr. Tempo, it is now Lorenzo Méndez who has reappeared.

The singer had remained in a low profile in recent weeks, after just over a month ago It was Chiquis who announced the news of his separation from the marriage that they made up for a year and four months and that has not yet come to an end.

Méndez had even hinted that he wanted to resume his relationship with Jenni Rivera's daughter and in every moment was expressed affectionately of her ; A week ago, after making it known in the media that Chiquis had possibly started a relationship with Jorge Cueva, Lorenzo decided to “reset” his Instagram account by deleting all the photographs, leaving the feed without publications.

It was until yesterday That Lorenzo spoke for the first time about the reasons for his separation from the Mexican regional singer and uncovered the insecurities of his still wife, as well as the lack of respect and lies, causes of the final separation.

He said so the former member of La original Banda el Limón in a talk with Tanya Charry for the program El gordo y la flaca :

“There were many things. I believe insecurities, lack of respect, lies; there were differences. My life was not balancing out, fitting with his plans, my plans, personal plans , my dreams, my goals were not in his life plan, "he revealed.

Lorenzo assured that he wanted to create music again, because" it is part of his nature and way of life ”, so his plans involve everything related to the medium of fame. He let see that Chiquis did not completely agree with his return to the stage, as this could lead to a possible relapse into addictions , from which Méndez left a while ago to save his marriage at that time.

“I wanted to go back to life. music. Music is in me, it is part of my life; I can't take that off But I think she was more afraid of the things that come with music, not the music itself, but it is the same world , I think I caused those insecurities in her because of the things of the past, "he said.

When asked what those insecurities were, Lorenzo explained that they had to do with his addictions, and uncovered that last June he made the decision to go to a rehabilitation center to save his marriage , as he and Chiquis had entered a crisis in their relationship.

“Almost nobody knows because I have never said it, but to make her happy and make her safe, I got to go to a rehabilitation center in June, I was hospitalized for a month. When I left I decided that I will always be a better person no matter what happens, my goal is to get up and more if it is to make my wife happy and have inner peace, now I have to take the bull by the horns. I was with 10 people, it was a spiritual retreat, more than anything I met again with who Lorenzo Méndez was.

Upon leaving rehab they were able to meet again and it was when their contagion of COVID-19 occurred, from which they recovered together. However, days later they came into conflict again, as Lupillo Rivera's niece showed disinterest in Lorenzo's plans.

“When we left we experienced a very beautiful peace, unfortunately the peace did not last long. I started talking about my plans, things that are important to me, that make me feel like a man, and I don't know, maybe they are not her plans . We lasted like three days (with differences), and every time we wanted to talk we couldn't break the line of communication, "added the singer.

He said that the separation was not a bilateral decision, because he still hoped to save his marriage.

“I want to clarify something, she said it was mutual and not really, I am a person who I feel my love deserves, but she told me, after two days, that it was better (to separate). I remember that I cried and kissed him on the forehead and said 'we will be fine'. I grabbed as much of my stuff as I could and went to Texas. These weeks go by, I trying to give space, but I think that in his heart it was already final ”.

Méndez assured that the time he was united with Chiquis his only purpose was to make her happy: “My obsession in recent years was to make my wife happy, that's why I got lost . We all have our own demons, our own traumas . " In addition to these statements, the interviewer revealed that off-camera Lorenzo confided that his biggest mistake was having left the house he shared with his still wife.

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