"I didn't know she was sick": that's how Andrea Escalona lived the last days of her mother, producer Magda Rodriguez


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The television host Andrea Escalona recalled the last days of her mother, Magda Rodríguez, who was a producer of the morning program Hoy and passed away on November 1. The presenter of Hoy narrated the last time she spoke with her mother, the shock she experienced when she saw her body and how she sensed her death.

According to the interview with the journalist Mara Patricia Castañeda; One day before her death, Magda Rodríguez spoke with her daughter to share that she had felt discomfort throughout that week and asked her not to meet, as she suspected she was ill with coronavirus .

“Magda talks to me and tells me (...) 'Don't come', 'but why, mom?' (I say), ' No, because how about I have covid', and I said 'mom, if you have covid, I'll I have covid, '”Andrea recalled, who assured that her mother forbade her to take care of her.

“ She did some very exotic things, she told me not to go, she asked the' girl 'to stay with her. Total ”, said Andrea to continue with the story of that afternoon before the death of her mother and, in addition, she told how she lived the moment when she found out about her death.

“I get up at eight, I start doing my things, I start to fix myself (...) and suddenly I talk to my mother and she doesn't answer her cell phone. They were like 10, 10 and a bit, ”said the driver, who sensed an incident and decided to get in touch with the woman who had spent the night with her mother.

"My girl is walking to see her and, I swear to you, my script in my head is: 'if something happens to my mother, I'll die' (...) and cut A, my girl is like 'Miss, She doesn't breathe, ' ”Andrea recalled.

And when I found her she was fine ... already. You didn't feel anything anymore, no . Then the ambulances that come really fast, right? That just wasn't the case because I was fine ... But it was a very strong shock to see my mother. Very hard, very hard, "said the presenter with a serious face.

After seeing her mother's body, the Hoy host faced an extremely difficult moment :" And of not believing and shouting, of hugging her and making her 'Ho'oponopono', and doing things to her ... A very strong moment, "he concluded.

The host delved into the health problems faced by the producer and ruled out any chronic illness:" Magda was overweight, but is she sick? sick I feel that I was not. We never did the Covid test, I don't know if he had it or not. An ulcer ruptured, I didn't even know she had an ulcer. ”

The driver explained that her mother had many difficulties throughout her life to combat the overweight she suffered :“ It was an issue that basically hurt and it was something he couldn't control, right? She who was always so good at many things, that is, at the end of the day she suffered because that was a goal she had (to lose weight) that she could not carry out.

According to the presenter's account, the Ashes of Magda Rodríguez were deposited in a property in Villa del Carbón, State of Mexico. Where they rest with their relatives .

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