"I was already withered inside": the intimate words of Ninel Conde at her wedding with Larry Ramos


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Ninel Conde and Larry Ramos were married in a Christian ceremony regardless of the setbacks (Video: Twitter @ventaneandouno) __ SCRIPT__0

Against all obstacles and despite its eventful performance, finally Ninel Conde married Larry Ramos this Wednesday to the astonishment of the public, Because together with the obstacles that he faced at first, derived from the warnings of the mayor Miguel Hidalgo , which issued a statement informing that congregations in party rooms were not allowed, The artist also had to unleash the media siege due to her controversial link.

Hours before the celebration, it was the mayor of Miguel Hidalgo, Víctor Hugo Romo, who announced that The wedding scheduled to take place at the Casa de la Bola Museum had been canceled for not respecting the measures in the face of the health contingency that plagues the country and much of the world, so the event ended up taking place in a house in the State of Mexico , at where they had to move all the equipment for the celebration that were already installed in the emblematic old case located in Constituyentes and Parque Lira, in Mexico City.

It transpired that the couple joined in symbolic marriage in a ceremony of the Christian faith, so it is speculated that it was not a civil marriage but a spiritual act to celebrate the love between the actress and singer and her controversial partner, the Colombian businessman Larry Ramos, who is crude facing a legal process in the United States, where he is accused for fraud of millions of dollars committed against ten people, including singer Alejandra Guzmán and his representantes.

program was the Ventaneando c ompartió wedding details and He even revealed some images and videos showing some of the most important moments of the event, such as the wedding waltz and the vows of love expressed by the couple.

In the luxurious house, which according to journalist Gustavo Adolfo Infante is owned of a Colombian friend of Ninel Conde, you can see the floral decoration and the faces of the few celebrities who attended the event, including Raúl El Neg r or Araiza, the theater producer Alejandro Gou and Bárbara Torre . It was specified in Ventaneando that the mansion is owned by the businesswoman and life coach Nizme Nur Lleras, who would have facilitated everything for the realization of the link.

In that place , the assembly of chairs, tables, flower arrangements, musical instruments and other objects that were already arranged in the Casa de la Bola Museum; and the intimate ceremony had around 60 guests.

In the video shared in the broadcast, the groom is heard saying part of his marriage vows:

“Give you love, give you protection, give you a word of wisdom, Amen, give you peace, Amen, give you fidelity, Amen, give you more family, Amen", expressed before the emotion of the guests.

For its part, the bride dressed in her respective white dress opened her heart to her partner and the Christian leaders who officiated the event:

You are a man of light in my life, you are a man who arrived just when I was already withered inside, I was without strength, without hope, but God showed me through you and your love that there is a reward

When they were united in marriage, the couple gave rise to the celebration and continued in the wide garden where, among roses and white candles , Ninel and Larry opened the treat with the wedding waltz, a song by Carlos Rivera, although at one point also They were seen dancing reggaeton.

The banquet consisted of a four course menu that included bass, salmon and watercress entrees, walnut soup, beef steak with shrimp in sauce and grilled vegetables, and pistachio ice cream among other desserts.

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