Impress with English: Aitana read a story to Eugenio Derbez and Alessandra before going to sleep


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It seems that the roles have been exchanged in the Derbez Rosaldo family since it turns out that the little Aitana, daughter of Eugenio Derbez with Alessandra Rosaldo, is the one who reads a story to her parents before going to sleep and not vice versa.

And the fact is that the little girl's parents do not waste her time and decided to put her to learn English, so every night they ask her to read them a story in this language so that she can master it from this early age. In fact, the one who really takes advantage is Eugenio Derbez, who affirmed that every time Aitana begins to sing in English, he begins to sing in Spanish, so that he does not have problems when it comes to changing languages. This is what Eugenio Derbez himself said:

I have tried not to speak to him in English at all, at home it is forbidden to speak in English, so when he starts to sing songs in English, it occurs to me to teach him songs in Spanish

Who has decided to be the witness of the intense learning sessions of Aitana is her mother, Alessandra, who uploads a lot of content to her Instagram profile related to the moments she is with her daughter. In fact, she herself was the one who uploaded the moment where the little girl spends them reading.

Not everything is the surname

Something that stands out a lot in the relationship of the Derbez family is the union that everyone has, whether with José Eduardo, Aislinn or Vadhir, Alessandra and Aitana have a very close relationship and have even participated in various videos together, both from the YouTube platforms of each one of them, and in live publications on social networks. Despite this unity, each one forged their own identity and their own trajectory.

One of the examples was that of Vadhir Derbez, who announced that he has various musical projects in which he is investing resources, because now he is very focused on his career within the world of groups and that the support of his father, if Well, he is strong, he is symbolic and he himself is the one who has to carry out his success. This is what he said in an interview for the magazine TV Notes:

The family is happy, not only he, but everyone, they are very proud to see how I have been raising the project alone, taking it forward. I have all the moral support from him, my brother, Alessandra, my mother, who is a singer, and who always supports me is very proud. They have seen how passionate I am with music and are happy to see how I fulfill these dreams.

The singer said that the support of his father was enough for him only to have dates and enter the castings, but that it was his effort and work that gave him what he has right now and that none of that has been easy, in fact sometimes It is more complicated because the reputation of the Derbez surname is not small:

The last name only serves to open a door a little when people see you in a more friendly way. I mean, they see you with a different face because you are not a complete stranger. But from there, to someone going to bet their money on you, it is very different. Even so, you have to win the role, you have to do a casting ... The last name can give me the appointment, but it does not approve the audition. I have had to earn everything I have, nothing has come easy for me, many times I have not stayed on projects and it is also worth it, this is the life of the artist

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