Irene Rosales, shadow and lifeguard of Kiko Rivera


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Irene Rosales is a normal woman. An ordinary, simple 29-year-old girl. A person who would not be in the limelight, nor would she be interested in being, if it were not for being the wife of Kiko Rivera, the daughter-in-law of Isabel Pantoja and the mother of Paquirri's granddaughters. The saga of the bullfighter and the folkloric is giving rise to talk these days due to the dispute between mother and son about the inheritance of the deceased matador . His death was almost four decades ago, but today his figure is current due to the family confrontation. And Irene Rosales is in the middle of the whole battle.

In the media fight, Rosales tries to stay, within what she can, on the sidelines. However, her husband's dramas are his own. And now the other way around. These days he is facing the loss of his father, who had suffered from a brain tumor for more than 15 years. After a sudden deterioration, Manuel Rosales died on Wednesday leaving his daughter sunk. Because her mother, Mayte Vázquez, died in early February. Now it is Kiko, 36, who serves as a tear-cloth for her faithful companion, a complete orphan in just nine months.

Because for the Sevillian (she was born in Gines, very close to where she lives now, Castilleja de la Cuesta) her This place is and has always been by Kiko's side, almost eight years older than her and who fell in love with her little by little. She had no interest in starting a relationship with the famous son de la Pantoja, known for his revelries, his dabbling with drugs and alcohol, his reputation as a spendthrift and his romance with the night, the only one that seemed to last. Rosales knew Rivera through mutual friends, and he didn't like him. It took him many months to get close to her.

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“It was a tough nut to crack,” Kiko Rivera told Bertín Osborne in an interview. "He had me trying for a year, I no longer knew what to do, it's very heavy, " he laughed. She, for her part, ended up being conquered by the good humor of the dj. “What I like the most about Kiko is that he is very aware of me, he is very affectionate, he always knows how to make me smile, he always asks me what is wrong with you. It evades me a lot from problems, it takes away the iron from the matter ”, he recently declared on the program Viva la vida , in which he collaborates. In Telecinco , like the rest of the clan.

Because, once inside, Rosales has taken the opportunity to put his head in Mediaset, the business that gives wings and euros to the family. If the matriarch works in Idol Kids , the oldest walks through the sets of each program and the niece Anabel goes to Save me in the afternoons, she has found her place in the kindest Viva la vida , which is broadcast on weekends, where She has been participating as a social gathering for over a year.

It is there where knives fly against Isabel Pantoja and where Irene Rosales especially demonstrates her elegance through her silence. She has said it, in many ways and on many occasions: a bad word will not come out of her mouth against who is the grandmother of her daughters. Despite Rivera's ranting against his mother, she doesn't. She is silent, observes and, on more than one occasion, sheds many tears for the soap opera in which she has been involved and in which that mother-in-law whom she respects accuses her of being the one who adds fuel to the fire of the mother-child confrontation . Rivera is already there to talk about her and tell her mother her own truths: "You have given me life, but Irene has saved me." While Rosales, sitting on the set and knowing that she is being observed, scrutinized, prefers to be silent.

His incorporation to Viva la vida came thanks to the program that led to his media explosion: GH Duo . This kind of VIP Big Brother of couples presented to the public his kind, sensible face, he showed her as the person who put Kiko down on the ground, as the necessarily normal and ordinary couple that he needed so much. There they both recounted their dramas, their shortage of money for having wasted every penny , his problems with drugs, addictions and depression, but they also showed that they were in love, that despite the screens and the spotlights, they they were real. That their wedding, celebrated in October 2016 through an exclusive controversy, was real, and that their two girls, Ana, four years old; and Carlota, who is two - he has another son, Francisco, eight years old, together with model Jessica Bueno - are the result of a stable, normal couple. Because normal is the best qualifier that Kiko Rivera can dream of, and that only Irene Rosales has given him.

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