Isabel Gemio, polemic and revenge


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Isabel Gemio little could have imagined that her attempts to remain in the profession that made her one of the usual faces of television and of the daily voices of radio for almost 30 years, would return her to the forefront in the media but being her the protagonist of the news. The communicator has been shaken by the controversy that the interview with María Teresa Campos has raised and which was broadcast through the YouTube channel, Charlas con alma , in which Gemio has meetings with current figures. , which has 11,300 subscribers, and where the journalist has published conversations with characters such as politician Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo, father Ángel or writer and philosopher Elsa Punset, was quite unknown and visits to its content fluctuated between just over 2,200 views to the more than 46,000 that accumulated his talk with the controversial deputy and exporter in the Congress of Deputies of the Popular Parliamentary Group. An attempt, like that of so many other professionals, to continue working as a journalist in a profession punished by the crisis and by the change in model and to gain a foothold through the new platforms.

However, last week, Isabel Gemio interviewed another popular journalist, María Teresa Campos, as she was forcibly withdrawn from television and also an interviewer with her own YouTube channel. The train wreck was immediate between them and the subsequent controversial meat of dissection in the television programs that feed on this type of confrontation. Gemio has once again experienced a peak of audience in his new professional stage, since the interview so far exceeds 284,000 views, but in return former colleagues have returned harsh criticism for his questions to Campos that do not quite hide old quarrels. The box of thunder has revealed that Isabel Gemio's success on radio and television was not equal to the relationship with the teams that have worked with her, because objectively the interview with Campos may be bad but not bloody. Rather, the controversy has to do with a phrase that Jorge Javier Vázquez pronounced on the matter in the program that he hosts on Telecinco: "You always end up paying in one way or another for the way you have behaved with others."

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Isabel Gemio was born in Alburquerque, Badajoz, on January 5, 1961, studied Dramatic Art and began working as a journalist on Radio Extremadura, in a Cadena Ser program dedicated to university students. Something hooked him on that experience because communication came into his life to stay. On Radio Barcelona, under the name of Isabel Garbí, she presented several programs, La chica de la radio , Cita a las cinco , El Diván ..., but her luck began when she landed on television in 1984, where she co-hosted a children's contest with Andrés Caparrós baptized The wise men . In the following years he jumped from radio to television with different projects, but the great change in his popularity and also in his cache is due to three programs that were happening on Antena 3: What you need is love , Surprise, ¡ Surprise! and There is a letter for you . During the decade from 1993 to 2004, the audience followed her work and Gemio gained fame and money

Primetime television disappeared from Gemio's horizon as it came and she returned to her beginnings, to radio, where For almost 14 years she was the host of the program I give you my word, in the weekends at Onda Cero station. Attempts to return to the small screen have not been successful , Onda Cero terminated his working relationship with her in December 2017 and since then Isabel Gemio has tried to find her place in a profession that does not have enough kindness with those who are accumulating years behind his back. In between, there have been personal episodes that have not made his path easy: a divorce from the Cuban sculptor Julio Nilo Manrique and the rare disease of one of his two sons, Gustavo, who suffers from a rare ailment : Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

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She herself has said that her son's illness gave "a 180 degree turn" to her life and that part of her efforts focused on her son and the foundation that she created with her own name to promote dystrophy research muscle and rare diseases. But that has not spared him now from some criticism that seems exaggerated regarding the interview in question. "Her son's is a tremendous suffering but there are many other people who go through hard problems, Isabel Gemio's is that she does not act in solidarity with her teams," says a person who worked with her several years ago. Therein lies the key to the tone of the current controversy: many of her former colleagues argue that she had more luck than intelligence, that she tried to be nice but couldn't because she doesn't know how to be empathetic and that "her arrogance in daily work made teams shrink and not being free when it comes to exercising their creative work. ”

“ It's not normal for so many people to think badly of you ”, argues another of his former colleagues. The old squabbles, those that made Gemio be one with the bosses and another with those below her, have now surfaced. And she has not found any other way to stop them than by trying to defend herself by stating that there was no viciousness or intention to have it in the interview with María Teresa Campos - a quite credible argument - and tearfully asking that "they let her live in peace." Something to which both divas are entitled, by the way, because, each in their own way, they gained success in the programs that made them regular and popular faces on television.

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