"It's inhumane": Laura Zapata revealed new details about the mistreatment her grandmother suffered in the elderly center


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Through Twitter, Laura Zapata revealed more details about the health status of her grandmother, Eva Mange Márquez , and the mistreatment that she allegedly suffered at the residence where she was.

According to the actress of Rosa Salvaje , the older adult, that this Monday he turned 103 years old, he would be going through a lot of pain due to the injuries he suffers, and he advanced that tomorrow they will perform a debridement.

“My grandmother spends all night complaining despite painkillers. It is inhumane for a society not to take care of and protect its old people. Tomorrow they perform a debridement. Today they did an animal cure. At 103 years old? I don't understand it, ”he wrote.

When visiting her relative in the nursing home, Laura Zapata realized that Eva Mange had up to nine bedsores. These are ulcers that form when muscles and soft tissue press against a surface, such as a chair or bed, for a long time. The pressure prevents blood from circulating in that area, and can cause the skin tissue to die.

Due to the severity of the wounds, doctors will have to undergo a debridement this Tuesday, a medical process that consists of removing foreign material and dead skin to promote wound healing.

In social networks, some users asked the Mexican actress why it took so long to realize the state of health in which her grandmother was. She defended herself against the attacks and explained that due to the health crisis, she was not allowed to visit her.

“We are in a pandemic and for health reasons you cannot see them. I spoke morning, noon and night. And they kept this felony hidden from me all the time , ”he wrote.

In addition, he assured that the health worker who was in charge of Eva Mange and who dressed her every day, did not report the ulcers that had formed on the 103-year-old woman.

“Every morning she would send me photos of how she was and the psychotic nurse would dress her and bring her from here to there with those sores. Inhuman!" He pointed out.

Now hopes that "the full weight of the law will fall on those responsible," and although he did not want to reveal the name of the center for the elderly where the events occurred, he said that the investigations have already begun.

Thalía and Laura Zapata come together to denounce

abuse In this video shared on Tik Tok last Sunday, Laura Zapata spoke for the first time about her grandmother's deterioration in health (Video: Tik Tok by Laura Zapata)

This Monday, January 18, Eva Mange fulfilled 103 years. And for more than a week, Laura Zapata had commented on social networks that she was complying with all the sanitary measures to be able to visit her in the senior center, and celebrate the anniversary together.

The 64-year-old actress isolated herself at home, and Later, a PCR was done to make sure he was negative for COVID-19, and he was not at risk of infecting his grandmother. Everything went as expected, but upon arriving at the residence, he discovered that his relative had suffered a significant physical deterioration.

“Hello friends from the press and friends in general. From now on I tell you that I am celebrating 103 years of my adorable grandmother, Mrs. Eva Mange Márquez. Unfortunately, she has suffered a decline in her health, and I am attending to this matter to determine the reason for the decline in her health, ”said the artist on Sunday in a Tik Tok video.

Only a few hours later, the Monday, January 18, Laura Zapata showed images of the serious injuries that her grandmother had, and denounced mistreatment by the caregivers.

“These are the care they have provided to my grandmother. It has nine decubitus bedsores. I can't believe this is happening. Situation that they hid from me all this time Today I could finally see all the damage done. I have taken action on the matter. Jail those responsible, ”he wrote on Twitter, where he shared the photographs of the ulcers.

Thalía also wrote a message on Instagram.

“ Today, January 18 of this year, we should be celebrating the 103rd birthday of our beloved grandmother, Mrs. Eva Mange Márquez. But, far from a celebration, we find ourselves in a situation of anguish and great surprise, since we have found our grandmother in totally unacceptable conditions " , the publication reads.

" For now, we cannot give so many details of what happened cheers; but right now we would like to ask you for a prayer for her. Prayers and light so that he soon recovers the health that has been compromised, ”he added.

Thalía's relationship with her grandmother and Laura Zapata

Eva Mange Márquez was the mother of Yolanda Miranda, who had five daughters: Laura Zapata, Thalía, Ernestina, Gabriela and Federica Sodi.

Despite sharing blood ties, the relationship between the sisters on the mother's side has been conflictive . And one of the points that distanced Laura Zapata from her relatives was precisely the lack of financial support they provided for her grandmother's care.

For a time, the interpreter of María Mercedes demanded from her sisters the money that Yolanda left her Miranda after her death to Eva Mange, and asked them to help with an amount to support the older adult.

After years of confrontation in the media, and that the grandmother sued her granddaughters to give her their share From the inheritance, Zapata returned to contact with Thalía three years ago to celebrate the century of life of Mange Márquez.

Although the amount has never been specified, it is said that Thalía sends money to support her grandmother's expenses, which Laura Zapata had always covered.

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