Jaime Martinez Bordiu and Marta Fernandez secretly marry


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Jaime Martínez Bordiú and Marta Fernández, his partner for more than ten years, got married this Wednesday in an intimate ceremony in Madrid. A secret wedding that has been held in a notary's office in the capital and only three witnesses have attended. After the act, the couple and their few guests have gone to a central restaurant in the city to celebrate their union. According to some magazines such as Hello! o Semana , the son of Carmen Franco –the only daughter of the dictator Francisco Franco– and the Galician businesswoman could be thinking of celebrating a big party later, but for now they have preferred to say “yes, I want” in the strictest privacy and complying with the restrictions due to the pandemic

Jaime Martínez Bordiú and Marta Fernández had plans to marry for a long time, but the illness and subsequent death of Carmen Franco in December 2017 , the lawyer's mother, paralyzed their plans. It is the first wedding for her and the second for him, who married in 1995 with the model and public relations Nuria March, with whom he has a son, Jaime Martínez-Bordiú, 21 years old, and from whom he separated at the six years of marriage. A first ceremony that was much more massive and was attended by today's King Felipe and his sister, Infanta Cristina.

Jaime Martínez-Bordiú, is the youngest of the family and, like his older sister, the one with the most covers of the He has occupied magazines of the heart for his turbulent romantic relationships and for his confessed problems with drugs, which he takes for granted. He is a lawyer, attends sporting events of the so -called Spanish jet-set and participates with his male brothers in the family's real estate businesses. He has had a troubled past: he was accused of intimidating a driver with a weapon , he had to testify for his alleged connection to a cache of six kilos of cocaine seized in Requena, and he spent a night in jail for alleged mistreatment of his then-girlfriend. Ruth Martinez. After the controversial break with Nuria March, Marta Fernández came into his life, a Galician businesswoman whom the youngest of the Francos defined as "a balsam". Since they made their relationship official in 2010, they have not separated. Discreet and always in the shade, people around him affirm that Fernández has been their best support in bad times and in the process of dealing with his addictions. The newly married couple lives in Villafranca del Castillo, on the outskirts of Madrid.

Jaime Martínez Bordiú and, on the right, Luis Alfonso de Borbón Martínez-Bordiú, in the Valley of the Fallen on October 24, 2019. Juan Carlos Hidalgo / POOL / EFE

Although the intentions to make their marriage official are not new, their wedding has surprised many, as they were not expected to do so in such an intimate way. Something that, instead, is consistent with the new lifestyle maintained by the majority of the clan, so common in the heart press in the past and now so far from the spotlight. Since the exhumation of the remains of dictator Francisco Franco from Valle de los Caídos in October 2019, despite the family's refusal, and his subsequent transfer to the Mingorrubio cemetery, the Franco family has tried to remain in a discreet second Plano.

Who has not yet spoken about the wedding has been his sister, Carmen Martínez Bordiú. Living in Portugal, Franco's eldest granddaughter has also been out of the spotlight in recent years. A sought anonymity that he broke only a few months ago when he denied that he had broken up with his partner, Timothy McKeague , the Australian with whom he has been in a relationship since 2016. Some time ago he decided to put land in the middle and went to live in the small town of Sintra , where he began a new life with him and fleeing a fame that in the past made profitable.

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