Joan Sebastian's youngest daughter accused that her half siblings have not given her their share of the inheritance


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Daughter of Joan Sebastián claimed from her brothers the house that her father inherited from her (Video: Instagram @julianajfigueroa)

Close to the 6th anniversary of the death of the remembered composer Joan Sebastian , her youngest daughter Juliana Figueroa spoke about the issue for the first time and claimed in his social networks that his brothers have not distributed his part of the inheritance that the so-called poet of the town left him when he died. Joan died on July 13, 2015 and had children with at least two different partners, Juliana being the product of her union with Erica Alonso, with whom she lives in the state of Texas, in the United States.

And it is that the daughter of the born in Juliantla published a video on her Instagram account where she reveals that her half-brothers Julián Figueroa and José Manuel Figueroa are not honest with her and have not provided her with the wealth that her father left her when he died, since they have divided between them cars, land and jewelry.

“I was raised in a marriage where if I say the wrong things, the truth is I don't earn anything, I live very well, but that doesn't mean what my dad left me doesn't belong to me. They have not given me anything, ”said the 17-year-old girl regarding the property of the king of Jaripeo .

Juliana assured that her brothers have already taken possession of the inheritance, and they all have at least one property, although she assured that they did not She needs nothing financially because she lives very well since her stepfather has a good financial situation , however she wants to have what her father left her as a legitimate daughter born into marriage.

Those who took everything were my brothers, they distributed watches, glasses, trucks, everything between them and I have not received a single sock. If I have two shirts, two jackets and a pair of my dad's shoes, it's because a man kept those things at the ranch and told me: 'Juliana, I know they won't give you anything, please take that with you' Can you believe that? If I have things from my dad it is because someone else gave it to me, not my family

The young woman said that one of her uncles encouraged her to recover a house that her brothers “took from her”: “Everyone stole everything, and everyone took possession of things that are not theirs and that is why they have everything have. I'm sick of keeping quiet and that's how it is.

In the video, she also responded to the accusations made by her half-sister Joana Marcelia Figueroa, who assured that Juliana seeks to disunite the family in addition to qualifying her as a liar. Given this, the young woman based in Texas pointed out that she deserves “for what my father fought and worked for several years, as well as you enjoy it” , in addition to ensuring that none of Joan's children have a good relationship with each other “because they are very false ".

" Sadly I am so sorry to be their sister, for all the things they are willing to do illegally ".

And, in his version, they took away a house that belonged to him: " Everyone he knows it was mine, and there they were going to visit me, it was logical, there I stayed. I am fighting that in the correct way, legally, it takes time, I am not going to do what others have done, without permission from the Court and so on. "

After having an extramarital relationship with the actress Arleth Terán when he was married to Maribel Guardia, Joan Sebastian met Érica Alonso, with whom he was married for 12 years and with whom he procreated Juliana, who according to his sayings, her brothers have excluded her of the distribution of goods.

According to Joan Sebastian's probate lawyer, Cipriano Sotelo, the heirs to the artist's fortune are his children José Manuel, Julián, Zarelea, Joana, D'Yave and Juliana; the other two would have been Trigo and Juan Sebastián, who died, but their children will be able to receive the part that corresponds to their parents. The last joint heir is Mrs. Claudia Alina, who was her last partner.

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