Jose Eduardo Derbez revealed details of his new romantic relationship: "I'm in love and happy"


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After a strong love break between José Eduardo Derbez and Mexican model Bárbara Escalante in 2019, Eugenio Derbez's son seeks to get ahead and continues his love life with a new partner.

“I'm fine, I'm happy, I'm in love. I'm happy, "said the youtuber in an interview with the show program Firsthand.

" I'm just making everything that is having a relationship a little more private, "he added.

José Eduardo claimed to be extremely in love, however, he decided not to share the identity of his mysterious partner.

“I am quite, quite, quite happy and I think it's going to be a good year, I hope. And I hope it will be a good year for everyone because, now, 2020 was a bit chaotic, " said the son of actress Victoria Ruffo, who also spoke about the controversy he faced over a video on his YouTube channel.

" Actually, everything I do on my channel is never with the intention of offending or annoying anyone. But, obviously there are always going to be people who like you and who don't like you. You are not going to be 'gold coin ' ”, clarified the Mexican influencer.

The video that Eugenio Derbez's son referred to was one he published a few days ago entitled “ To ask for a marriage! Will I marry you? " , which caused a huge surprise among his followers, who thought that the youtuber would marry.

However, the video was about a friend of José Eduardo nicknamed "El Pollo", who proposed to his girlfriend and received all the support of the 28-year-old actor.

José Eduardo is not the only one of the Derbez who played a prank on his followers this week. A few days ago, her older sister, Aislinn Derbez, surprised more than one when she joked about an alleged new beau.

The actress of the House of Flowers shared a photo with a mysterious man, with whom she hinted at a romantic relationship, and with whom she spent the entire afternoon skiing in Big Bear Lake, California.

“I'm here in the snow with someone very special. I want you to see it well because he has been a very important part of my life lately, "said the actress before it was revealed that the mystery man was her younger brother, Vadhir Derbez.

" How that lately ?, nooo, yes I've always been in your life, ”Vadhir told his sister, who couldn't hold back laughing and burst out laughing at the joke he had just played on the more than 11 million followers he has on Instagram.

After revealing his identity of the mysterious man, the brothers commented that that day was a rest for Aislinn , since her daughter Kailani was under the care of her father Mauricio Ochmann. So Vadhir took the opportunity to take her on an adventure.

“I really wanted to ski and I took advantage of the fact that Mau has Kai and that the lady was available to bring her here to Big Bear Lake and ski for a little while,” explained the young musician.

The actress added that it was her brother who interrupted her plans and "piqued" her: "This bum, Labregón, piqued me. Yes, I had to do, I had to sleep, I wanted to watch TV, read, do nothing. Being alone. ”

Eugenio Derbez's daughter published a series of videos of the moment through her Instagram stories. The siblings, with their trademark sense of humor, shared a journey home full of jokes and laughter, proving that while Aislinn enjoys being single, she is not badly accompanied.

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