Juan del Val, much more than the husband of Nuria Roca


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Until just a few months ago he was known as “ Nuria Roca's husband” but since he collaborates weekly in the El Hormiguero gathering, many now manage to put a face, name and surname to Juan del Val (Madrid, 1970) . The writer and screenwriter has just released a new novel, Delparaíso , and on Tuesday night he put aside his role as a talk show host and attended the Pablo Motos program as a guest. There he spoke of his past and mentioned the psychological problems or violence that he suffered during his adolescence. "You were a problem child because they threw you out of two high schools at 16 because you hit everyone," said the driver, trying to get the words out of his interviewee. “I was a teenager who, in a part of my life, had a bad time,” admitted Del Val, who even revealed that he had needed psychiatric help to deal with some aspects during his youth.

“I have lived for some years of my life with a ball in my stomach that would not go away. A pain without any justification. […] I thought the whole world was against me ”, he explained. A common situation in a complicated age of physical, hormonal and emotional changes that Juan del Val was not able to manage. According to Motos himself, after a very serious fight in a nightclub where the police intervened and an accident with a stolen motorcycle, things got worse. “The motorcycle was not stolen by me, but I did have the accident. After a conversation with my mother, there was a moment of despair where I told her that I needed help ”, he clarified. The scriptwriter's mother, who, according to the program, is known for taking former prisoners into her home, offering them a second chance at their reintegration into society, had no doubt that her son had a problem and supported him at all times. “I was in psychiatric treatment for seven years. For me, the best thing that has happened to me in life ", Del Val proudly admitted, who pointed out the support of his family to overcome that bump:" From there you get the will and external help. "

" They gave me a test to see what happened to me. There were a number of social responses to which everyone answered the same, and I didn't. They had to do an intelligence test to see if I was at the limit, "he explained sarcastically. During those turbulent years and before discovering his true passion in writing, Del Val went through various jobs. At 17 he was a construction worker, something very different from his current profession. He does not have a good memory of that time, but he is not ashamed. “I was there for two and a half years. The temperature is never comfortable on construction sites: either very cold or very hot. And all the sound there is metal, it's not nice. " The writer, who won the Spring Novel Prize in 2019 thanks to Candela , a novel starring a woman in her forties , considers himself a lucky man despite his past. “I've always been extremely lucky.”

Juan del Val also recalled how he met Nuria Roca, his wife and mother of his three children, more than 20 years ago and how he fell in love with her from the beginning. “I was working in a magazine and she was presenting Waku waku , so I proposed to my boss to interview her. One day I appeared on TVE and there I saw her for the first time on stage presenting a gala on New Year's Eve in 98, along with Ramón García, Celia Cruz, Norma Duval and Andoni Ferreño. She was a being of light in a silver dress and I thought she was the most beautiful person I had ever seen in my life. “When she came out dressed in normal clothes, she was still just as pretty. I introduced myself and asked her to interview her at that moment, but she replied that a taxi was waiting for her to go to Valencia. I told her that I was taking her to the airport and she accepted, ”recalled Del Val. "I took her in a very dirty, unpresentable car, and she lost her plane, and the next, and the next ... until she took the last one because the interview lasted until now," he concluded with a laugh.

On October 6, 2000 they said “yes, I want” with a big wedding organized in El Puig, in Valencia. They have three children and together they live one of their best personal and professional moments . The couple has no hair on the tongue or fear of showing themselves in public. Their duet intervention in programs and gatherings has allowed them to make their relationship visible and has also given them new professional opportunities. In 2017 Del Val went back to the Pablo Motos program to promote his novel Looks Like Mentira with his wife, and both ended up stating that they maintain an open relationship . "I find fidelity boring," Del Val said. “Many times we do not dare to verbalize it, but it happens to many of us,” Roca completed. “I believe that couples grow, evolve, mature… and we have been together for many years. What we have done is grow and learn as a couple and dare to confess things in terms of feelings, "she explained then about her marriage.

Some statements that brought them a lot of criticism from which they got off without barely disheveled. “I deeply respect any model of life, that each one lives as they please, alone, as a couple or in a group. I do not see any option as the only or the best. I don't understand why someone gets angry when another person exposes their way of living or feeling, ”Juan Del Val published then on his social networks. Four years after this event, far from causing them to bite their tongues, the couple is closer and better known than ever.

Together they form a media duo that has been gaining strength since the beginning of the pandemic , thanks to their weekly collaboration and joint in El Hormiguero, where viewers are already accustomed not only to personal confidences of all kinds, but also to their taunts and private jokes as a couple. Separately, after the beginning of Roca in Waku Waku , that remembered program about animals, it has already presented more than 20 different formats, in addition to some appearances in television series. Also, he has published the books Sexually-mind , Snails don't know they are snails and Sexually II . Del Val has worked as a screenwriter, director, presenter and producer for radio and television. Together they have written two books, Para Ana (de tu muerto) and The inevitable of love , and they collaborated from 2014 to 2017 on The Best That Can Happen to You , a morning program of Melodía FM.

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