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Julia Otero announced a week ago on her radio show that she has cancer. He did it from Julia en la Onda, where he has been on the air since 2007. "You have to call things by their names," he said. With the aplomb of someone who has undergone several interventions - she had an abdominal tumor when she was 19 years old - the journalist wanted to tell her listeners with her own voice that she must make a stop due to the disease, but that she does not intend it to be very long, since your doctor has recommended that from time to time you drop by the study. His prognosis is good. In fact, she continues to be in daily contact with her team, according to the program's deputy director, Carmen Juan, who has been in charge of the microphone for a couple of weeks.

At 61, Otero is one of the most relevant journalists of the Spain and its trajectory, forged between radio microphones and television cameras, shows it. Those who have worked with her assure that she is simple and honest. He avoids that his name shines excessively in his program, faithful as he is to the defense of teamwork to the professionals who have been by his side for years, despite his transits from radio to television. He's not thrilled that his show is called Julia en la Onda , that's why he calls it Jelo , for short. She maintains that she prefers more impersonal names, such as 3x4, La Luna, La Columna or Las Cerezas, some of the titles that have led her to enter Spanish homes through television.

One of those loyal collaborators is Juan, who la known for forty years. “She directs in a transversal way, she knows how to listen, she has talent and a deep sense of smell,” she says about her boss, to whom she is also very close personally. His enormous curiosity about the world and people stands out. "She is very authentic, very person," he emphasizes, and proof of this is the "wave of affection and affection" that has triggered the announcement of his illness.

Communicators such as Carles Francino, Pepa Bueno, Dani Rovira, Jordi Évole or Ana Pastor , politicians from different parties such as Pablo Casado, Inés Arrimadas and Ada Colau and even the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, and countless anonymous people have sent messages of support to the journalist, agreeing to point out that she is one of the most important voices and essential for communication in Spain. The deputy director of the program acknowledged that they are very grateful for the expressions of affection that come to them in different ways. Francino, for example, sent a hug to “a person with whom we fight every day at this time to get the attention and affection of the listeners.”

His charisma in front of the screen is one of the aspects that have come out to shine these days by his followers. Sergi Schaaff, who was director of TVE programs in Catalonia, explains that when he met her it was a “professional crush”. He immediately realized that it would be useful for television, "because of his way of speaking and his photogenicity," he says. Radio animal, went through the information services of Radio Miramar and Cadena Cope, to reach Onda Cero in 1991, the station where he accumulates the most programs. First with Julia's radio and since 2007 with Julia on onda

With a four-hour program every afternoon, Otero accompanies listeners in their work or domestic tasks, and that is a closeness that leaves a dent. She has already warned that she is coming back soon. When the treatment allows it, he will give the "tabarra" again. In fact, Juan says that he has not dissociated himself at all and that, from his home, in the company of his dog Frida , for whom he also shows passion in networks and in the same newsroom, when he receives his visit, he continues in daily contact with his team.

One of the most applauded facets of his journalism are the interviews . He has had all kinds of characters in front of him, from Mario Conde to Paul McCartney, but he has never shot. His art follows the dictates of seduction, of getting interesting answers by kneading a close environment, so that the interviewee feels at home and lets go. He confesses that he is not mythomaniac at all, so perhaps he does not back down from the art of asking. In La Luna (1989) on TVE he began to show his talents. Although the program that launched her to fame was 3x4 (1988), a contest with which she became popular to the point of creating a trend with her bangs, a spiky hair style that marked an era.

Born in Monforte de Lemos (Lugo) in 1959, Otero came to Catalonia when she was three years old with her parents, he a trumpet player and she a housewife. She studied Hispanic Philology and music has always been part of her life, but fate led her to communication. She has not hesitated to show her fondness for singing on the set, as when she performed Blue Moon on the Spanish program Telepasión in 1990. But her favorite song of all time is My way, in the version of Nina Simone, as she told in an interview in Onda Cero.

Very attached to her Galician cultural tradition, cows are one of her favorite animals, and in her hometown she has also taken root by fixing up her grandfather's house. She escapes when she can to Monforte, where she has been named her favorite daughter. As a communication professional, he holds five Ondas Awards, two Golden Microphone Awards for his work on radio and television, and the José Couso Prize for Press Freedom. Jealous of her private life, she lives discreetly in the affluent neighborhood of Les Tres Torres in Barcelona and escapes to La Cerdanya on weekends. The one who has not resisted showing off is his daughter, Candela Otero, who is 24 years old and is a doctor doing the MIR. In networks, he has shown her going to work in the middle of a pandemic with her protection masks. Her most mediatic relationship was with the journalist Ramon Pellicer, with whom she was married for six years and maintains a good friendship. But the television couple did not work and for more than 20 years he has shared life with Josep Martínez, who is a doctor. He has great support outside the airwaves, and in front of the microphone an audience that has shown him enormous affection.

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