Julio Camejo's mother, Gladys Gonzalez, died


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Gladys González, Julio Camejo's mother, died this Wednesday, January 13 due to a heart attack at the age of 83 . The actor dedicated a couple of posts to him on his Instagram account on the same Wednesday.

In the first post, the actor shared a video where you can see his parents dancing with costumes to dance salsa and moving to the rhythm of “Suavecito " .

" The last of the rumberas, Gladys González, "Antonio's wife" today is dancing with my parents once again. I keep everything big that they left me. And gratitude because thanks to you I am the man, the father, the artist and the person that I am, ”Camejo wrote on his Twitter account.

In a second publication, the actor said that he would not tell about the death of his mother, but that would describe how he was when he was still alive. Camejo explained that his mother always encouraged him in all aspects of his life.

“I'm not going to tell you how she died, I'm going to tell you how this great woman lived. María Gladys González Camejo, my mother, her last message was yesterday and she told me: 'I gave an online class and the boys liked it.' Today in the morning he encouraged me to go out for a run, "he commented.

The actor recalled the best of his career as a dancer and also the actions and sacrifices he had to make as a mother.

" Leave the great dancer who It was, the great choreographer that she was, who in the middle of the Cold War, choreographed [sic] the Bolshoi and the American Ballet Theater. The piece of woman, piece of mother, piece of wife that was [...] I never understood why, when everyone in Cuba had half a bread for breakfast, I had a piece of bread. It was because my father and my mother took off their media to bread us, we understood it when we were grown up, "said Camejo.

Camejo expressed that he feels pain for the great loss, but that for now he prefers to remember it and keep in mind the advice that gave him in life. He even recalled a recent anecdote where he complained that he was tired from his work, so he did not want to exercise. But she told him that she had been working for 74 years and still continued.

I can close my eyes and suffer, obviously there is a void but I prefer to open my eyes, my people, and remember her for how great she was, for her teaching, because always He encouraged me to do my best, to be a good father. But above all things he told me: 'before thinking about your personal good, think about the good of the people'. And I'm leaving with that, I'm leaving with his joy, with that definitive smile, ”he said.

Camejo thanked all those who expressed their pain, but ended his speech with a request to his loved ones: to remember his mother happy.

“To all his friends, to all his students from Tec de Monterrey, to all the people who have spoken to me. Thanks for your messages. Obviously there is a pain, a shame. But if you want to remember her, my people, remember her with a sip of rum, remember her dancing salsa or a danzón. And remember her with a smile, because she was what I wanted, that they always remember her smiling and that's how it will be, "he said.


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