Julio Cesar Chavez confirmed that Rafael Amaya was in a rehabilitation clinic: "He returns stronger than ever"


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After several months of speculation about his drug addictions and his health, Rafael Amaya was seen next to former boxer Julio César Chávez, who confirmed that the actor was admitted to one of his rehabilitation clinics in Culiacán , Sinaloa, and will help you get in shape to "return stronger than ever."

The former athlete and his wife Myriam Escobar shared several images next to the interpreter of "Aurelio Casillas" in the successful teleseries El Señor de los Cielos , project who left amid intense rumors that he adopted his character's habits so much that he began to consume toxic substances that finally affected his health and behavior on and off the set.

Although Amaya had already been seen during the In recent days, on this occasion he appeared smiling and recovered next to the former boxer, who spoke of the rehabilitation process that occurred in one of his anti-abuse clinics of drugs.

"Here enjoying my Culiacán with my old @ myriamev09 and the Lord of the Skies (I told them that I am a friend of all)," wrote the consecrated athlete.

"And get ready that he returns stronger than ever, @ rafaelamayanunez. I'll have him train in @chavezboxingstudio, ”he added.

This publication soon attracted attention, but what caused the most controversy was that Julio César Chávez himself confirmed that Amaya had been admitted to a rehabilitation clinic to overcome his problems with drugs.

The fighter was questioned by one of his followers about the well-known actor's state of health: "Was Rafael Amaya attached to your clinics?"

Faced with the questioning, the boxer said: “That's right. And he comes very happy and grateful ”.

With the statement of Julio César Chávez, hundreds of versions of the life of the actor of The Lord of the Skies were clarified and that he had stayed out of the public eye for several months.

During his distancing from the spotlight, it was speculated that the 43-year-old actor had various problems controlling his drug use, which led him to suffer various ailments with their health and appear with a deteriorated appearance.

And although the actor has remained absent from public events, he has been seen in different private places surrounded by his friends and with a healthy and restored physical condition.

A few days ago the singer Roberto Tapia shared a message on his social networks photograph in which he is accompanied by his daughter and Rafael Amaya, whom he met during his participation in the famous series. The postcard appeared next to the text: "I want to share this photo on my daughter's birthday, which was last week @ claudia_mariel.ay my compadre @rafaelamayanunez accompanied us on a very pleasant night."

In this new appearance, which supposedly took place at the Porfirios restaurant in Culiacán, Sinaloa, the actor wore his recurring black dress, cropped hair and a slim figure like the one he has boasted during his television appearances.

has also been seen also at family parties, mainly next to the music producer Willy Saldaña. Both posed together in an image that is no longer available on the restaurateur's social networks, but that could be recovered by some portals and media that managed to obtain the publications before their elimination.

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