Kabah announced to cancel its traditional Halloween night due to COVID-19


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The Kabah group announced that, due to the risk of being a source of infection and the constant increase in positive cases of COVID-19 , the group decided not to hold its traditional Halloween party, in which they coexist and perform a small concert specifically for their fans

The group and the promoters of the show had already thought about how to organize the event with all the necessary measures of healthy distance and had made the use of face masks mandatory to avoid being a point of infection.

However, It was after the capital authorities reported a rebound in positive that Kabah decided to support the government's instructions and declared the event canceled. It was through a statement on the group's Instagram profile that they released the news.

It should be mentioned that before the cancellation of the costume party was made public, the group had asked those who attended the party not to were disguised as anything related to COVID-19, out of respect for the medical personnel and families of the victims who have lost their lives due to this disease:

We regret this situation with all our heart and more than anything we endorse the commitment we have today with our fans and we are sure that together we can overcome this challenge that we face

The statement argues that despite the conditions, it seems more sensible to safeguard the lives of their followers and other people. They also announced that it was a decision that was taken together and that all agreed to suspend the event, which would be held in the Bicentennial Park.

The reaction of the fans was mixed as some of them had already considered negatively that the group even intended to set up the reunion and showed their contempt for the idea from the beginning. So were some of the comments from the users:

"Wow, from the first day they wanted to do a live show, it was irresponsible to call their fans to meet at this very moment," user @rossyarmendariz wrote in the publication; while the user @alexipina took it more calmly and accepted the group's decision: “I would like to complain because we had already bought the flights and tickets in the front row for the concert, but I understand the situation, we hope to see you soon! Greetings from Mty. ”

And it is that Kabah himself could not get rid of being affected by the disease, since even some of its members have suffered from the disease, as was the case with Daniela Magún, who only told her people closest friends who had tested positive and kept his due period of quarantine.

However, this decision to keep it hidden from the media and its followers was also considered by some to be reckless, since on different occasions the authorities had requested to make public that they suffer from the disease in order to take the respective precautions. In addition, this helps to check who people were in contact with since they could be carriers of the virus as well.

The positive thing was that Daniela had no major problem with the disease and clarified that she only had some mild symptoms but that by maintaining the quarantine and following the His doctor's instructions were how he managed to get ahead and he made a full recovery. This is what he said in an interview for the program First Hand:

The truth was, I knew weird, I have no idea where I could get it, I don't know if I infected my children or they infected me, but I consider myself very lucky because we were mild cases and well, in brotherhood with all the people we have suffered this


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