Kanye West, star of a Netflix documentary that has been filming for 21 years


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Kanye West is America's richest black entertainer as Bloomberg proclaimed with great fanfare last month, but he's also a businessman who has been married to reality star Kim Kardashian until February of this year, when she applied. formally divorce. In her and in her family she has had a good example of how to make money by exposing each step of her private life and turning her houses, conflicts, ideas and styles into a window open to all viewers who were hooked on the reality show of the who were protagonists, The Kardashian .

The rapper, who is estimated to have a fortune of 5,600 million euros, has added another 25 million more for a project that Netflix has just bought for that amount. Over the past two decades, the artist who is hated by so many and fascinated by so many has allowed his life to be filmed. He himself teamed up with Clarence Coodie Simmons and Chike Ozak, the filmmakers known as Coodie & Chike who directed two of West's first videos, Through the wire and the third version of Jesus Walks, to document what happened. in their life. Now the project, which still has no name, has been acquired by Netflix and will be broadcast as a miniseries as published by Billboard .

In the same publication it is detailed that Simmons began recording West in Chicago in the nineties and their relationship will serve as the backbone of the series that will tell the story of the rapper's success and the impact of his fame on himself and also the influence of hip-hop on popular culture. Given the environment that surrounds West, his relationship and evolution in the world of celebrities will not be lacking in this docuserie. The series will include home videos with previously unreleased footage and will address the death of the rapper's mother, Donda West, and the devastating effect it had on him.

According to those familiar with the project, which is expected to premiere later this year, the production, in which Kanye West does not have creative participation, it will also show how the rapper entered the world of fashion with force - a field in which he has made part of his enormous fortune - and his failed candidacy for the presidency of the United States in the last election won by Joe Biden. Although it is unknown if the content of the chapters will reflect the erratic final months of his marriage to Kim Kardashian and the divorce petition.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, at Paris Fashion Week in March 2019.Pierre Suu / Getty

Kanye West is diagnosed with bipolar disorder and his personality has led him to do all kinds of extravagances that in some cases could be described as rude behavior. Like when she urinated on her Grammy Awards to protest the music industry or when she interrupted Taylor Swift in the middle of an awards show to say that the accolade she was receiving should have gone to Beyoncé. Not to mention the insights about his marriage that he told in his first speech as a candidate for president and that marked the beginning of the disagreements that have led to the couple's divorce.

However, it is also true that since his landing in American music in 2004, something he did with a certain arrogance and even arrogance, brought a fresh and new style of making music and a style that had little or nothing to do with that used by other rappers. He made the dress codes of the American upper class his own and industry specialists attribute to him a great talent in the visual field that he applies equally in his concerts, records or in the works of other artists that he produces himself. is his thriving journey in the world of fashion. In 2013 he founded the Yeezy shoe and sports equipment brand, which is currently valued at between € 2,700 and € 3,970 million. It also has a line of sneakers with Adidas, whose sales rose more than 30% during the pandemic and are expected like May water by consumers eager for novelties. And it has also signed a contract with Gap , which seeks with this association to rejuvenate its image and bring its product closer to new customer niches. Both in Adidas, with whom it will remain exclusive for five years, and with Gap, with whom it has closed a deal until 2030, the agreements guarantee that West will maintain control over its collaboration with the two firms.

His fortune is dizzying even when other specialized publications such as Forbes drastically reduce it to about 1,520 million euros. Now it remains to be seen how the divorce process of Kim Kardashian will affect all this, although the American media increasingly point out that money will not be the issue facing the ex-partner since she has become a billionaire this week. thanks to its own cosmetics and underwear businesses. One way or another, now known as West has also left his life, both agree on something being written have no shame to be shown as they are it or not to the rest of the humanidad.

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