Karina, from the arrows of love to ruin


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In the sixties and seventies, Karina was what today would have been called a superstar. More than half a century ago, this then young woman from Jaén met all the necessary requirements to be the revelation of the moment. A fresh image, that of a blonde girl with big blue eyes, funny and friendly, and of course with a stream of voice that made everything she touched the topic of the moment. Karina toured Spain and traveled to Japan in 1970 for the General Exhibition or to Dublin in 1971 to triumph and finish second in Eurovision . But from that successful girl, girlfriend of guitarists and artists, copied style icon, little remains. And it is she herself who reveals it.

"Money does not last." This is how María Isabel Bárbara Llaudés, real name of the 74-year-old artist, lamented the situation that is happening, precarious and difficult. She, who was a symbol of the final years of Francoism, of openness and the arrival of color on televisions and the lives of many Spaniards, faces a black present. His only income comes from a meager pension that he barely has to live on. As he told on Saturday in the program Sálvame Deluxe , a scarce money that he would like to complement with works in film, television, "some miniseries" or writing "a book".

His precarious situation is such that he has had to dispose of his properties . He had a house in Marbella and another in Madrid, but now he lives in the capital in a rental apartment of just under 60 square meters. "They have cut off the power on several occasions for lack of payment," she said with her head down on the Telecinco set before a stunned Jorge Javier Vázquez. “He owed two receipts and was waiting to get paid to pay it,” he confessed.

However, those jobs and income that he longs for so much do not finish coming. Karina lives on her pension, which she gives her to pay her rent and for little luxuries. She is no longer that woman who moved masses. "I have felt forgotten by the profession, as you no longer count," he reflected last Saturday on the set, assuring that his profession had given him few joys, but that "the good was very great." As he stated, in his work environment "there is a lot of envy, some are angry that others succeed." "You can take many years that nobody calls you or for very small things," he acknowledged. She would like to be called even for those “little things”, but despite her efforts it doesn't quite happen.

The only extra income that comes to her is in the form of nostalgia. As he has told, a collector has offered him 30,000 euros for that long, buttoned, aqua green dress, with holes in the sleeves, almost in the cuff, and in the lower part of the skirt that he took to the Eurovision Song Contest, where he was second with In a new world in 1971. She has refused, because she wants to pass it on to her two daughters.

Because in the most recent years that facet of Karina, the personal one, has seen the light the most. Karina has lived through various high-profile romances and various marriages. Her first husband was the guitarist Tony Luz, who died in 2017 , who was part of Los Pekenikes, was the opening act for The Beatles and whom she married in 1973. In fact, Luz was the composer of the Eurovision hit Karina and the famous El baúl of memories , surely his most memorable success.

Their courtship had lasted eight years, but the marriage barely existed for 11 months and left no children. The singer's next union was with the actor Carlos Manuel Díaz, with whom she had her first daughter, Azahara. Despite their divorce they maintained a solid friendship and she has assured, already in her maturity, that he has been the man of her life. Later, in the eighties, the hairdresser Juan Miguel Martínez came into her life , with whom she had another daughter, Rocío. They married in Tahiti in 1988 and separated in 1990. Known for his participation in reality shows , their relationship has had its ups and downs, although she claims that he was "not a drag" on her career. "Deep down I love him because we have a daughter in common and a grandson," he said. His relationship with that daughter, 31, has also been cold at many times. “She has another bond with my sister that I feel I don't have with her,” Rocío claimed on a television set in 2017. “It's not that I don't have a mother, I feel like I don't have the bond like my sister, because I'm not so much with her ”.

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The last few years have been bittersweet for Karina. Sad for the deaths of Tony Luz in 2017 and his brother Salvador in August 2018, but also with moments of light such as the wedding of his daughter Rocío just two months later (who has given him a grandson, Iker, 10 years old) and with the birth of another grandson, the first of his daughter Azahara - who is also his representative - in Christmas 2017, and of a new granddaughter.

Ella, trained in singing and piano and who has participated in half a dozen of movies, now look for an outlet on social media. It was precisely her daughter Azahara who encouraged her to overcome the loneliness of confinement through an Instagram profile. And in a few months, with his naturalness and fun way of telling what happens to him, in his living room surrounded by photographs, he has met a wide group of followers. “Thank you so much for this high. We are already around 50,000. Who was going to tell me! My mother of beautiful love! ", He said happily a couple of days ago, in a video that accompanied labels such as" #lailusionnosepierdenunca "or" #kariners ", as he calls those new followers who feed, decades later, his illusion for live.

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