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Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, Lady Gaga's real name, was just 24 when she released her album Born this Way . After the massive success of her debut album, released two years earlier, Gaga wanted to take that leap that separates commercial pop singers from the use of the great figures of popular culture. She created a new alter ego for her, the “monster mother”, she presented herself to the world as the protector of the rare, those who are victims of bullying, and on the one hand the play was round. He created a huge community of fans, the little monsters, ensuring a loyal audience volume to have good record sales and tickets for their concerts. However, at that time they began to compare her to Madonna , for her eccentricities and certain movements in her career in which the powerful queen of pop had pioneered two decades earlier. The hardest years have arrived for the New York singer. Depression and fibromyalgia that led her to cancel a tour with the warm reception of her next job, Artpop. He had to reinvent himself and today, just turned 35, the most chameleonic star of the decade has completed that transformation. At first he tried it as a crooner with Tony Bennett, a twist perhaps too boring for his little monsters, but today he has hit the mark. She has established herself as a renowned songwriter, producer and actress . He has defined his own personality and has refined his image, much more elegant. A path to maturity that today places her at her best, brimming with health and blessed by love on her most special birthday.

The Roman life of Lady Gaga during the filming of the Gucci drama Lady Gaga, a year of discreet Relationship only broken by Joe Biden

Gaga has blown out the candles thousands of miles from her Los Angeles home. The 35 have caught him working on the new Ridley Scott film, which is being shot these days in Rome. The creator of Haus of Gaga, the team she created in 2010 to have total control over her career and that includes stylists and visual artists to help her recreate her particular universe, now lives in another famous house. After the success of A Star Is Born , a film for which he won the Oscar for best song , will play one of the most hated women in Italy, Patrizia Reggiani, who ended up in prison after it was proven that she organized the murder of her ex, Maurizio Gucci.

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We will have to wait a few months to enjoy the artist in House of Gucci , and see if this time it takes the statuette for best actress. In Rome, Lady Gaga is seen with her new image, with her natural brown hair, and boasts on social media the huge bouquet of roses sent to Italy by her current partner, businessman Michael Polansky. Together with an anonymous man after failed relationships with boyfriends belonging to entertainment, such as model Taylor Kinney or agent Christian Carino, the artist has found stability. They have been together for a little over a year. They met shortly before the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, and she presented him as a "stupid love" in reference to Stupid Love, the first single from her album Chromatica. An album with which Gaga has wanted to exorcise her past traumas, such as the sexual assault she suffered when she was 19 years old, which led her to take medication and go to therapy for a long time. A necessary catharsis for a victim who has emerged triumphant from that trance, and who today helps those who suffer.

With her Born this Way foundation she fights bullying and helps LGBTI youth, participates in numerous solidarity actions to fight poverty, and is a tireless political activist in the United States, as she demonstrated from the start of the Trump era until her performance at the inauguration of current President Joe Biden. Gone are the years when she made the covers by appearing on a red carpet in a dress made from beef steaks. Today she is talked about for her talent at the piano, and the debate is whether she is a better actress than a singer. After appearances in series such as The Sopranos or Gossip Girl, he surprised with his role in American Horror Story: Hotel , and convinced the most reluctant of his talent in A star is born.

Cinema and advertising have been his big bets in the year of the covid-19, in the absence of being able to meet his fans again on the Chromatica tour, postponed until the return to normality. The pandemic has been very fruitful for Gaga, but it has also given her a great scare. Their dogs were kidnapped and the employee who was walking them was shot. While he recovers, the police try to confirm that the woman who returned them is not involved, and if so, he will receive a reward of half a million dollars, a figure that earned him some criticism in times of global crisis. She has not stopped still, trying to promote her latest album by throwing imagination into it. The latest, an alliance with the company that makes Oreo cookies, which has launched a pink edition with the name of the album, Chromatica. A millionaire deal that was announced with the purpose of "creating a more joyful and tolerant world" and that has the hook of getting VIP tickets for the diva's next tour. An example of how Lady Gaga is a global brand and that, despite becoming an adult, she manages digital culture like few others to remain a benchmark of the modernity of the younger public.

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