Lily James and Dominic West, the express and unfaithful kiss that has revolutionized Hollywood


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A married man with four children begins an extramarital affair with another woman. In a very summarized way it is the argument of The Affair , the series that tells an infidelity from the point of view of four characters (the two couples involved) that triumphed at the Golden Globes of 2015 . The fact that fiction sometimes crosses the big screen and becomes reality is what could be happening at the moment precisely to Dominic West, the protagonist of the Showtime series broadcast in Spain by Canal + Series first and by Movistar Series then. West, 50 and married for a decade to Irish aristocrat and landscaper Catherine FitzGerald, with whom he has four children, has been caught kissing another actress, Lily James , 31, known for her role in Cinderella in Rome. , Mamma Mia! or the Downton Abbe series and . According to the Daily Mail , the couple shared a breakfast in a central restaurant in Rome and then took a motorcycle ride through the city. In addition, several sources have told the British newspaper that the actors spent two nights in a suite at the Hotel De La Ville. In the images you can see the good harmony shared by both interpreters, who are filming The Pursuit of Love , the series directed by Emily Mortimer for the BBC and to which Amazon has joined in the production.

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Walking around embraced, shared laughter or what could be a kiss on the neck from West to James has revolutionized Hollywood and all the media have echoed the news. A story that goes beyond the birth of a new love forged under the spotlight of the industry, but would be the proof that the marriage between Dominic West and Catherine Fitzgerald would be coming to an end. Something that both wanted to ruin when on Tuesday they addressed the reporters stationed outside their home in Wiltshire (England) to clarify where their relationship is. "I just want to say that our marriage is strong and we are still together." After this statement and starring in a movie kiss, the couple gave the media a document that contained the same words and the signatures of both. Without wanting to go into more details, the couple avoided commenting on the meeting between the actor from The Wire and the protagonist of Cinderella in the Italian city. The couple thus denies that their relationship has ended and that Fitzgerald is "devastated" by the photos of her husband with Lily James, according to the Daily Mail in the words of a supposed friend of hers. Dominic West and Catherine Fitzgerald were dating during their college years, but their paths did not come together again until later. They were married in 2010 and have four children: Dora, 13; Senan, 12, Francis, 11, and Christabel, 7. In addition, the British actor has another daughter, Martha, 22 years old and born from his relationship with Polly Astor. Lily James, for her part, has not commented on the images with West, with whom she has agreed on several projects and with whom she has a friendship. In addition to the series they prepare together, in 2011 they also performed Othello at the Crucible Theater in Sheffield (England). It is not the first time that James has to deal with the pressures to find a partner. This summer she was related to actor Chris Evans, after they were seen together sharing a taxi and heading to the same hotel in London. An alleged romance that came after James and The Crown actor Matt Smith had allegedly tried to resume their five-year relationship that ended in December during lockdown. Faced with all these speculations, James has followed the same pattern: keep silent.

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