Lily James would be embarrassed after dating Dominic West, who is still married


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A couple of weeks ago Lily James enjoyed a romantic trip to Rome with actor Dominic West . But after learning that the protagonist of "The Affair" is actually still married, the actress would feel "mortified" .__ P__ James and West were filming the miniseries "The Pursuit of Love" in Bristol, when they decided to escape to the capital Italian on October 11. The actors were photographed by paparazzi when they kissed and a day later, the images went viral .__ P__ But the source of James's anguish came a day after the photos were published , when West revealed that he is still married to his wife Catherine FitzGerald, with whom he has been for more than 10 years .__ P__ According to the entertainment portal, E! News , a source revealed that the “Cinderella” actress is very embarrassed by what happened, and just wants to turn the page at this point .__ P__

“She is mortified and embarrassed by the whole thing . He was shocked when he saw the photos and his story that he is happily married . She wants everything to disappear and will remain under the radar, because she hopes this will happen quickly, "explained the person who remained anonymous .__ P__ For now, the Netflix film" Rebecca "and which stars Armie Hammer and James , It was released a few days ago, so the actress had numerous interviews scheduled throughout the month .__ P__ But, according to reports from The Sun newspaper, the interpreter has already canceled appearances on America's Today Show and The Graham Norton Show .

In addition, the tabloid Page Six reported that the 31-year-old star attended a Hollywood Foreign Press event on Tuesday, October 14. But just 45 minutes before the interviews began, the actress decided to withdraw .__ P__

“It was a two-day trip. On the first day, Lily joined the producers who were apparently there to protect her from anyone asking questions about the photos. The next day, when the HFPA members and others had to speak with her, she withdrew at the time of the event and there was no explanation , "a source explained to the newspaper .__ P__ A" united front "

Less than 24 hours after photographs between colleagues would have come to light, West and his wife posed for the British press outside their home in Cotswold, England and there, they shared a kiss .__ P__ " Our marriage is strong and we are still together ," West told the press, according to The Daily Mail . Then he left a note signed by the couple in which he expressed the same sentiment .__ P__ Despite taking this time to make his statements to the media, the 51-year-old actor did not refer at any time to his trip with Lily James.

However, The Sun revealed that after this bonding demonstration, Catherine actually went to her mother's house in Ireland. The newspaper added that a friend of the aristocrat reported that Catherine would feel humiliated .__ P__ “It has been very difficult for her and she surprised even herself by how dignified and elegant she has been during all this. Going to his mother's house gives him time to think properly about everything and how they can fix it, ”the person revealed .__ P__ Dominic started dating Catherine while they went to Trinity College in Ireland together, but it wasn't until 2010 that they got married. The couple have four children: 14-year-old Dora, 12-year-old Senan, and 11-year-old Francis .__ P__ MORE ON THIS TOPIC

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