Livia Brito "can go to jail": the warning of politician Juan del Rosal


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The problems of Cuban actress Livia Brito could even lead her to prison, said politician Juan del Rosal.

In an interview for the TV Azteca program Venga la joy , Del Rosal pointed out that “finally the authority did justice to the media.”

According to him, the process against Livia for attacking photographer Ernesto Zepeda in Cancun, "she is already being prosecuted and is now passing from the Public Ministry to a court, and where they rule in a timely manner that they can arrest her for not complying with the reparation of the damage in a timely manner, she can safely go to jail."

According to the politician, although Livia Brito can file an amparo, "she does not have the legal elements so that she does not go to jail."

He assured that an expert director ruled the photographer "60 psychological sessions", for which the case "is already proceeding legally and legally; in addition, the prosecution immediately rules. So I think it can be processed at any time ”.

also revealed that after the scandal in which she was involved - it was said that Livia had contacted De Rosal to help her eliminate the evidence against her - the actress accused him of having caused her departure from Juan Osorio's telenovela What is wrong with my family? That she would star in.

“She blamed me that Juan Osorio had withdrawn her from the soap opera , because of me, because of what happened in the media. I have absolutely nothing to do with the media, in what you handle. I wanted to support her, she didn't allow herself to be helped. ”

It was at the end of June when the controversy that involved the Cuban actress broke out.

Photographer Ernesto Zepeda assured that the actress and her boyfriend, Mariano Martínez, attacked him in Cancun.

Brito first denied the aggression and even assured that he had not even been in Cancun on the dates that Zepeda mentioned

But the investigation proved otherwise and the scandal grew, as Zepeda filed a complaint against Livia that generated an investigation by from the authorities.

Finally a couple of weeks later, Livia admitted her mistake, through a video on her Instagram account, although she also presented the testimony of her lawyer, who showed that she could sue the photographer for defamation.

“Lo I am very sorry and deeply regret my recent behavior, " Livia said in the video.

The actress's image was also greatly affected, as Zepeda assured that in the midst of the aggression Livia said she was" fed up with Mexicans. " For this reason in his video of apology he denied having spoken badly against the citizens of this country.

“My feeling towards Mexico and what I consider my people is from deep to Thank you , they are part of my identity and that of my family. I owe them my entire career, I only have words of gratitude for my country because I consider it that way, I have been in it for more than 20 years, here I grew up, here I studied, here I grew up and I feel Mexican. ”PP Juan Osorio was no stranger to the controversial and explained his reasons for not having Livia in his next telenovela.

“I met with her, I think the public has a lot to do with this decision. I tend to respect the public, I am against violence and unpleasant expressions, I love my country very much, I am proud to be Mexican and I do not like that they disrespect my country ", explained the producer in statements reproduced by the program Sale el Sol.


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