MacKanzie Bezos, the third richest woman in the world thanks to the pandemic


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Last April the Forbes magazine published its annual list of the world's richest women, however in less than 60 days there has been a dance of positions. While two months ago the woman who reigned in the podium era Alicia Walton, is now the heiress to the L'Oréal empire, Francoise Bettencourt Meyers, who has taken away his job with a fortune of nearly $57 billion and left the daughter of Walmart founder and her 47.2 billion in a second place, very close to MacKanzie Bezos, who in just two months has climbed from the fourth to the third position, downgrading to her previous position to Julia Koch, the widow of oil tanker David Koch.

The ex-wife of the richest man on the planet, amazon funder Jeff Bezos, has grown her fortune these days from owning 31.3 billion euros to 46.5 billion euros. According to the experts, the increase in this is precisely due to the coronavirus pandemic, since in this time Amazon has seen its sales increased and all its activity is revalued. Following the divorce in February 2019 of which was one of the richest and most established couples in the world, MacKanzie took 25% of the shares that the then couple had in the company that they created together more than two decades ago and in which they controlled 16% of the capital. Under that cast, ella became the owner of 4% of the company and ceded to her former partner all the interests of The Washtington Post and of the space company Blue Origin, both companies also founded during the 25 years of their marriage.

Since the sanitary crisis broke out, the consumer has found in the Seattle giant a haven where to shop in this desolate landscape. During the week of March 9, its platform, in line with consultanurate Comscore, had 639,330,722 visits in the United States alone. 32% more than the previous year. Sales in the home and kitchen categories have grown by 1.181% in year-on-year rates, according to analytics firm CommerceIQ. What's more, its payment service, Amazon Prime, totals 150 million members and nearly 750,000 sellers worldwide use their website to output their products. Amazon's share price is in an area of historic highs, the company has a capitalization of $1.19 trillion and Jeff Bezos' fortune has increased by almost $30 billion in the last month, double what his ex-wife MacKanzie has noticed in the same period.

The breaking marriage of Bezos was a surprise early last year, followed by a tangle that has placed the world's richest man in a strange position as a figure of the heart. While Jeff Bezos began a new life with his new partner, Lauren Sanchez, with whom he has a new house, a $150 million property in Bel-Air in Beverly Hills, marriage plans, they escape whenever they can sail on David Geffen's $200 million boat and host parties with guests such as Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom, Scooter Braun or Dianve Von Furstenberg and Timothée Chalamet, as the celebration of the 50th birthday that the entrepreneur made to his partner recently, MacKenzie remains true to his low profile away from the spotlights and centered on philanthropy.

Since they signed the divorce last July, MacKenzie Tuttle, her maiden name, has decided to make her own mark in the philanthropic realm and has stamped her firm in Givin Pledge, the initiative led for more than a decade by the -technology security Bill Gates and inverse Warren Buffet, which commits them to donar most of their fortunes alive. In this time, MacKenzie has also joined Blue Medirian, an organization dedicated to helping poor children and families. In addition, in mid-June, the writer has opted for the defense of gender equality. To this end, they have partnered with Melinda Gates and, through the investment company owned by gates Pivotal Ventures, have created the initiative The Challenge of Equality cannot wait, by which they will award $30 million to the organization or organizations that best proposals do to help expand the power and influence of women in the U.S. by 2030.

"Closing the gender equality gap will benefit everyone. History continues to teach us that when a diversity of voices are represented in decisions, the outcome is better. I am excited that the challenge to boosting equality will focus innovation and energy on this vital catalyst for positive change," MacKenzie Bezos said in the communiqué of the presentation of his new solidarity project.

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