Magda Rodriguez spoke of the changes that "Today" will have after contract extension


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Producer Magda Rodríguez faces one of the most complicated challenges in her career as a producer, as she is trying to renew one of the most successful programs on television, the morning “Hoy” hosted by her three stars : Andrea Legarreta, Galilea Montijo and Raúl Araiza .__ P__ And it is that the popular production company recently had its position in charge of the project extended for another year, which is faced with the challenge of trying to bring new concepts and seek a possible renewal of the team , concept and even the program's hosts, who have had a stay of almost 20 years in the program, such as Andrea Legarreta, who was one of the program's founders and who only suspended her stay for a year when she had differences with another producer, who after that period requested it again.

However, the challenge is no small thing, since it will also be forced to renew one of the magazine programs that has a more than proven formula for an audience that had managed to adapt to its contents but had also lost to other programs that now compete with him, like Venga La Alegría.

But Magda resumed that she is looking for a way to adapt without trying to subtract from the issues that have brought her great success, such as interviews and games with which they interact with various entertainment stars: __ P__

We are going to keep Elizabeth Álvarez in the kitchen, and let her be with us constantly. The other day he came and it went very well, the ladies like it a lot, how well he cooks, like a good housewife, Mom, he made a delicious portobello and people like these most common recipes are very grateful on television (.. .) We will have many new sections. We will be constantly innovating and we will bet on comedy. It has been a very difficult year, people want to laugh and also have accurate information with our experts

And it is that the doubt that there was about the future of the program was such that many of the versions pointed out that the project would disappear to give way to a new concept that could bring a new type of audience with different comedy ideas, but also information on the panorama of the shows, which is one of the most important strengths of the program.

However, it seems that Magda continues with the power to change the future of the morning, although the results are what will decide the longevity of the program. Who warned that “Hoy” would continue under the command of its current producer was the host Andrea Legarreta, who gave the following comment during the morning program: __P__

We have news, you know that if you tell and tell, that if who is going to produce, that there will be changes in the Hoy program, that if it is already October, that if for January. Well, we have the news of who is going to produce the program for one more year: well, we all stay

The versions that pointed to the end of “Hoy” were released by journalists of the stature of Ana María Alvarado, who said she had heard closely that the executives thought that the program had exhausted all its variants and content possibilities and that it was doing a radical change in the concept is needed to move forward . This is what the journalist said on her popular YouTube channel: __ P__

I heard that Angélica Palacios said that 'Today' was going to be released, that because drivers are already very exposed, that the concept of 'Today' is very worn out, not right now, but that it is a plan for the future ... I had heard it before


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