Malu talks about her daughter Lucia for the first time: "It's a girl's dream"


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It seems that the face-to-face return of Malú to the television sets is being requested. The 38-year-old artist reappeared on Wednesday night in El Hormiguero to present, together with Arturo Valls and José Mota, the Mask Singer program , the American phenomenon in which the judges must guess which famous person performs under a mask. However, the singer did not accompany her companions to the set , but her intervention was telematically to the chagrin of many of her followers. From her home and with a smile, Malú spoke for the first time since she became a mother on June 6 with Albert Rivera of a girl they named Lucía . “It's a girl's dream, she sleeps eight hours. In fact, there are times when I have to wake her up to eat, "he said, confirming what the former Citizen leader had said in the same program a few weeks earlier. The artist recognized that her daughter has caused great changes not only in her life, but also in herself. “In life I have put the phone aside as much as now, it's like 'no, I'm with my daughter', I don't even remember that she exists, well,” he said to later reveal what is his best moment of the day: “When it throws me in the neck is… uf! It is that I die. The day is ending, the planet, life, telephones… ”. Her partner on the jury, comedian José Mota added that she is "an excellent mother" and acknowledged that during the recording of the program her friend had told her "very, very beautiful things," she said without providing further details. Although through a screen, it is the first public appearance of the interpreter of Weaving wings since she became a mother. El Hormiguero was also the program chosen by the former leader of Ciudadanos to give his first interview a few weeks ago. After a summer missing from the media spotlight, Malú captured all the attention last September after a health problem took her to the hospital urgently . It was a herniated disc, which forced him to suspend some of his recordings of the new Atresmedia talent show to follow the doctor's instructions for rest and medication to alleviate the severe back pain he felt. In her place, the singer Vanesa Martín had to replace her. In addition to his imminent return to television, Malú also talked about his new album, which he said has been easier and faster to do than on other occasions. "I was not in a hurry, I go calmly and without any stress because it will come out when I am and everything is going very fast," he explained and added: "The songs, the songs, the voices, the production ... it's the lack of pressure like that everything flows much more ”.

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