"Men who become women": Lupita Jones and Gustavo Adolfo Infante were accused of transphobics


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The director of the Mexicana Universal contest once again positioned herself at the center of the controversy, but this time it was not because of the harsh accusations that she has had against her by various former members of the famous beauty contest, who have labeled her as arrogance, arrogant and imposing absurd rules and unenforceable demands within the organization that she has presided over for decades.

On this occasion, Lupita Jones was once again involved in bickering that questions her inclusion with the LGBT + community , especially with women transsexuals, whom she dismissed and considered that the beauty pageants in which she participates and collaborates with "her girls" should not be spaces in which a transsexual woman entered.

Social networks viralized their opinions expressed in the television program El minute my destiny changed, led by journalist Gustavo Adolfo Infante , who was also harshly criticized for sharing have the same opinion as your guest: that trans women are not women.

“The gentlemen who become ladies. Men who have surgery. They enter beauty pageants and have even won, right? " Gustavo Adolfo asked Lupita Jones.

“No, well, what happens is that there are contests for them. There are contests for transgender people, for transvestites, ” said Lupita, who also offered her position on the matter. "The rules of Miss Universe have changed and well, finally they are the rules of the contest" .

"But they are not the same. They are not women, "said the journalist, to which Lupita replied: " She is a transgender woman. That is why there are transgender contests. There is room for everyone. We have the right to free will. They do manage through these surgeries to generate a body very similar to that of a woman, but it is a transgender woman . There are spaces for everyone, is what I think. It is not about discrimination. Everyone has their place. The characteristics are very different. ”

After making this interview known, netizens were quick to react on different social networks, where they condemned the ideas of the characters in question and recalled the discriminatory speech that Lupita Jones launched in 2018 about the trans women , when Angela Ponce's foray into the Spanish beauty pageant was announced.

“They disgust their transphobia and that they have a job in a media outlet, they should inform each other not just to talk stupid things. It literally sounded like white people took black people "and " You can see the ignorance and lack of empathy. It is seen that they have never had a dialogue on gender and sexuality " ," Too bad that they give spaces to characters who only promote discrimination and exclusion, trans women are women ", were some of the comments that were published on Twitter.

Users recalled the episode that occurred almost three years ago, when Lupita Jones expressed her disagreement with trans women participating in beauty pageants . This after being questioned about Ángela Ponce , representative of Spain for Miss Universe 2018 as the favorite to win the crown at that time:

Miss Universe changed the rules and in my case as national director of the contest in Mexico, you have to abide by company rules. On a personal level I do not agree, because it does not seem to me that it is a competition under equal circumstances, because it comes with a label, which makes an absolute difference in the conditions of each of the participants, ”Jones said at the time.

After the controversy generated in networks, Gustavo Adolfo Infante wrote a tweet to defend himself: “Message to the LGBTQIA community, especially trans women who were offended by the comment I made in the interview with Lupita Jones. My intention has never been to hurt them. I am unaware of many issues, I recognize their value and I invite you to help me understand it, will you help me? "Wrote the communicator, however most of the responses to his message were from people pointing out his lack of empathy and emphasizing the mistake he made.

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