Mhoni Vidente's surprising and daring predictions for 2021: a Mexican pope and a war of religions


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2020 is about to end. In the absence of a few days, the uncertainty for the new year has grown due to the events that took place in the last 365 days . Given this, some people with stellar wisdom began to make their predictions for 2021 .

Mhoni Seer, one of the most famous astrologers in Mexico, posted a video on his Instagram account where he gave his followers some of its portents for next years.

His first vision asserted that there will be a war between good and evil in matters of religion , which would provoke radical changes throughout the world. Among the predicted modifications is a new pope, who could be Mexican .

It is envisioned that a new pope is going to leave, from Italy, Asia or Mexico (...) this year I envision a radical change in the Vatican that it has been the fault of the demon that is knocking on the doors of all Rome and of the entire Catholic religion , "said the Cuban.

In a different sense, she assured that some followers of Islam would be carrying out attacks in French, Spanish, Italian and Turks that would start a warlike conflict for religious reasons.

That religion, of the Prophet Muhammad, will be sending signals to its people, to the people who are from Islam, to start a holy war against all the people who they are not followers of it.

Within its general premonitions, it announced that 2021 will be a better year than 2020 , as there will be greater economic and employment growth , since people will be able to obtain jobs.

It also pointed out that The COVID-19 pandemic will be left behind between the months of May and August , as the different vaccines , and a new drug that will help counter the SARS-VoV-2 virus, will achieve their mission in the world.

I do not envision any new pandemics for this reason this year. There is a pandemic in 10 more years

Regarding the way in which people will develop throughout 2021 , he said that it will be the year of the revelation of the LGBT community , specifically in sports and entertainment , as they will put aside the ties that kept them in a place that was not for them .

Finally, he urged people to remain calm , since in the next 365 days there will be a lot of calm, progress in science and health, as well as a harmony between humanity and the environment environment .

It should be remembered that Mhoni Vidente predicted some 2020 events, such as the COVID-19 pandemic , the death of Diego Armando Maradona , the victory of Joe Biden and the earthquakes that occurred in Cuba and Mexico .

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