Mhoni Vidente and his disturbing predictions for 2021


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One day before the arrival of 2021 , there are many clarifications that people are looking for in the future . It is necessary to face the new year in a better way than 2020 , without surprises, so it is intended to find answers in all possible places, such as planets and the tarot .

Many are the astrologers who make predictions every year , without However, in Mexico there is a woman who has stood out due to the wise visions she has had in recent years: Mhoni Vidente .

The Cuban specialist , through a video posted on her YouTube channel, made the omens of the world for this 2021 , which, according to his words, will be the stage of the enlightened, of mental maturity and of the spiritual revolution.

He warned that between four and five million people will die worldwide due to the COVID-19 pandemic , but that it will end between the months of May and July thanks to two vaccines and a drug that will fulfill their mission. However, he also pointed out that a new pandemic will loom in approximately 10 or 11 years .

In climatic issues, the sun chart will rule , which means that there will be droughts, few rains and tornadoes in the world , for which he urged the population to be aware of climate change .

The sun is going to begin to dominate more than ever throughout the year, than to have solar storms in several countries (...) the poles, north pole and south pole, are going to start defrosting . The amount of solar energy that is going to reach the earth is going to be very strong, so we are going to have to be cautious with the water, because there will be almost no rains in the whole world (...) the worst is coming in summer all over the world a sun almost 50 degrees almost 60 degrees, burned people walking ”, said the Cuban astrologer.

Religions throughout the world will also see changes. According to the connoisseur of the stars, in the Vatican there will be a new pope, who will be of Italian, Mexican or Asian origin .

He also predicted the start of a war caused by the followers of Islam , who would be carrying out attacks in cities French, Spanish, Italian and Turkish .

“It is going to be the Arab Spring completely again , there are going to be very strong movements throughout Asia and part of Africa. The people of Islam, the religion, are going to start wanting to rule the whole world , start to completely rule Europe, France, Spain, Germany and Italy. Attacks everywhere and everywhere against Jews, against Catholics, against completely holy people , ”he said.

Betrayals in matters of power, money, jobs and in gas, oil and electric power companies will be glimpsed in 2021, thus that there may be an economic war in this sense, since it will seek to overthrow those who exercise power at this time in those sectors.

Finally he warned that human beings will be surprised by earthquakes, cyclones, hurricanes and tsunamis , as well as by objects that will be observed and will fall from the sky, facts that will cause great astonishment in those who notice them .

In an advance that he gave from his Instagram account, he urged people to remain calm , since in the next 365 days there will be many tranquility, progress in science and health , as well as a harmony between humanity and the environment

It should be remembered that Mhoni Vidente predicted some 2020 events , such as the VOC pandemic ID-19 , the death of Diego Armando Maradona , the victory of Joe Biden and the earthquakes that occurred in Cuba and Mexico .

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