Michael J. Fox, sick with Parkinson's, prepares his retirement: "If this is the end of my career, so be it"


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Actor Michael J. Fox has announced his intention to step back from the acting world and is already preparing his retirement. This is what he himself has told in his already best-selling memoir, released last week and entitled —in a nod to the Back to the Future trilogy that launched him to fame in the late nineties— No Time Like Future. another time better than the future).

As he explains in the book, Fox is planning what he calls "a second withdrawal", after which he already planned more than two decades ago, when he announced that he had been diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. Now his delicate health also slows him down again. It is not just the degenerative disease that he has suffered since the mid-1990s, but more complications. As he has revealed in these memoirs, his suffering was immense two years ago, when they had to operate on a tumor (finally benign) on his back, in a surgery that forced him to learn to walk again, and which was complicated by a fall. at home that caused an outbreak of depression.

In the interpreter's opinion, “there is a time for everything”. “And my moment of dedicating 12 hours of work a day, of memorizing seven pages of dialogue, is long gone. At least for now ”, he assures in the memoirs. "Being fair to myself, to producers, directors, editors, and poor troubled script supervisors, not to mention actors who deserve a little peace, I am about to enter a second retirement," he writes. “That could change, because everything changes. But if this is the end of my acting career, let it be. ”

“ Work as an actor does not define me , Fox says in the volume, as published by People magazine. "The incipient decline in my ability to assimilate words and repeat them verbatim is just the most recent of my problems," he writes. “There are reasons why it is difficult for me to memorize: they can be age, cognitive problems caused by the disease, distractions from the constant sensations that Parkinson's causes or lack of sensitivity through the spinal cord; but I see it as a message, an indicator, "he says in the book.

As Fox told People a few weeks ago, his short-term memory was" shattered. " “I have always had a great capacity for memorization and scripts. And I have been through extreme situations in my last couple of jobs where I had parts with a lot of text. And I have suffered a lot in both, ”he recalled. During this time his wife, Tracy Pollan , and their four children have been key in his life. Sam, the oldest, is already 31 years old, and behind him are the twins Aquinnah and Schuyler, 25, and Esmé, 19.

These are not the only skills that are beginning to fail Fox. He no longer plays guitar, nor draws as well as used to. “And I never danced well, and acting is starting to get uphill. So I dedicate myself to writing. Fortunately, I enjoy it very much. ”

These days, the United States is awaiting the revelations of the memoirs of former President Barack Obama , but there is another autobiography released on the same day that is also being of great general interest; in fact, Obama's is the first best-selling book and Fox's fourth, after two children's publications. The 59-year-old actor - the same age as the former president - reveals throughout its more than 250 pages a story of overcoming known to the general public, but which in recent years has been complicated by the deterioration of his disease and the appearance of new ailments. “The last couple of years have been more difficult than most, but I've been through wonderful things. Life is rich, it's good, ”reveals Fox.

The joy of living is something especially striking in the life of the actor. "Optimism is anchored in gratitude, and what follows that is acceptance," he reflects. “Accept that this is what happened, and accept it as it is. It does not mean that you cannot command the change, that you have to accept it as a punishment or a penalty, but to put it in its proper place. And then see all that remains to grow and improve in life. And then one can move, move forward ”.

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