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A few days before the broadcast of the interview between Jordi Évole and Miguel Bosé, Bosé himself sent a WhatsApp message to a mutual friend recommending that he not see him alone. Better to do it in company. But due to the restrictions and perimeter closures as a result of the pandemic, this friend could not do it with us. However, the warning made us smile. Pure Bosé humor. And an extraordinary ability to generate expectation. In that sense, the first part of the interview did not disappoint. During the entire broadcast I confirmed, once again, that Miguel Bosé, that person made up of two, Miguel and Bosé, continues to be a master of the show. And that to undress, I can confirm that there is no better place than television. A striptease always draws attention.

I was flattered that Évole recovered an interview of me with Bosé where he explained that there were two, Miguel and Bosé, almost at the end. I liked the most that he answered Jordi that for the moment the battle is going to be won by Miguel and Bosé losing. In social networks, many were once again holding their hands at the claim that he had gotten rid of his addictions without any help, for himself. Well, Miguel and Bosé have an iron will. I was more attracted to the recognition of those almost twenty "wild" years, which, by calculating, coincide with the best of his musical production, including XXX and Under the sign of Cain . Years of a very public life, full of interest precisely because of that mixture of mystery, intimacy and spectacle and scandal. In those years, Miguel was "killed" several times, the best known when several journalists claimed to have seen him die of AIDS in a Madrid hospital. I would have preferred the talk to delve deeper into this and Miguel's relationship with his parents. That innate effort not to allow two titanic figures like his father, the most famous bullfighter of his time and Lucía Bosé, a powerful woman , ahead of her time, not to let him be himself. Many children of similar figures never manage to get rid of the "is son of." Miguel, or Bosé, made Dominguín and La Bosé the parents of


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From the first minute I shared with Évole the concern of interviewing a friend at a critical moment for his figure. It seemed to me that Miguel and Bosé thought the same. And, again, both allowed the stage to dominate the narrative. Mexico City, from above, as polluted as it is overwhelming. And he dressed in black, with “the best profile of a man in Europe”, as Luz Sánchez-Mellado acknowledged on Twitter. It is very difficult to resist that stage control. It envelops you and ends up convincing you. I would have liked to whisper to Évole: Not only does Bosé do it, but so does Miguel. As Diana of Wales did in her historic interview, when someone very seductive and popular has you in front of you, you no longer have control over him and it is his power that carries the story.

Miguel and Bosé, I insist, know how to manage their truth like no one else . He was very sincere when he spoke of his voice, "that comes and goes." He acknowledged that he has lived some emotionally charged years in which, curiously, he found true love: his children. If the attention had not been so focused on his recent judicial process, Évole could have discovered something else about that son that is fully realized when he closes the circle and becomes a father. An event, a part of his life that, by the way, Miguel Bosé kept hidden from almost all his close friends without offering further explanations than the birth of his first children. Of many of the moments that I have shared with him, I will never forget the look of absolute love between him and his eldest son when he introduced him to us. "It is the purest connection," he told me. The same feeling gave me when in the interview he defined that a love is lost, it ends when the admiration ends and that many viewers felt that they were directed to the relationship that has ended in trial. Miguel and Bosé are very tough to crack. That could perhaps explain many of their current struggles and that we will see in the next installment.

Miguel and Bosé did a great job. And I went to sleep more peacefully. Next Sunday, I don't know if it will be the same .

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