"Mom and dad have a bug": this is how Laura G explained to her daughter who suffers from COVID-19 and why she does not wear a mask with her family


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The driver Laura G confirmed this week that she suffers from COVID-19 and that she should be absent from the Venga la Alegría program. But despite her contagion, she did not stop broadcasting her radio program from home or living with her husband and children, which sparked several criticisms because she does not seek the health of minors.

The Monterrey presenter clarified that her home It is not very broad, and on the recommendation of his doctors, he preferred to continue taking care of Lisa and Luciano assuming that they also have the disease, but after several questions, he decided to clarify more doubts from his followers through his Instagram account. social network, Laura commented on the way her three-year-old daughter found out about the contagion from her parents, why she does not use a mask to be in contact with the children and that her husband was also diagnosed as positive.

“Naza (her husband ) and I are positive and when we found out obviously we had already lived a lot with them, so only the four of us are living together and authorized by the pediatrician ”, he said in a question and answer session.

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"We assume that Lisa and Lucio are also positive, are authorized by the pediatrician so (without masks) we carry this process , " añadió.

The journalist took the time to explain his illness to his three year old daughter: "Le We explained to Lisa that Mom and Dad have a bug, which is why they did a nose exam. She says she does not have the bug and we do not know, we are not going to do the tests or Lucio, but we will do the immunity tests in a few weeks. ”

reiterated that so far neither she or her husband have presented any type of symptoms, but It is confirmed that "the bug is in our body."

She pointed out that her love for the Radio prompts her to continue with her activities in her program despite her illness, which she can specify because she transmits from home without any problem.

It was last Tuesday when Laura G spoke about her condition thanks to a link through Venga la Alegría. “On Sunday I went to work at Venga la feliz, I had a very strong allergy picture, because you know that I moved house, between the dust and everything I thought it was an allergy, so I took an antihistamine to cut it off and responsibly I went to do the test without being asked, "he explained to his colleagues on the morning broadcast of TV Azteca.

" Thinking that it would be negative and that today I would be with you on the program, but yesterday I I found out that I am positive , I do not know how long I have been positive because unfortunately sometimes the virus gives you asymptomatic, "he added.

A day later he used his Instagram account to clarify the reasons for his coexistence with his children and although at that time he said that her husband Nazareno Pérez was negative, now he clarified that he is also positive for COVID-19.

“I am isolated from the world, not from my family, the four of us are together ... The four of us are going to live together for 15 days. It is impossible to separate from my family and be in an isolated room watching television series as one can imagine it because: one, my house does not give me to be isolated in a room; two, I do not have cleaning staff, someone to take care of my children, my husband and I take care of them. So, no way for the children to eat alone, they are very young and well that's the situation, "he said on the social network.

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