"My reaction was terrible": Lupita Jones repented and apologized to Sofia Aragon and the other "aggrieved" beauty queens


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After the recent testimonies of Sofía Aragón, where the beauty queen assured that Lupita Jones never allocated money for her maintenance or for the expenses derived from her preparation for Miss Universe 2019 , a contest where she came in second place, now the director of the Universal Mexican organization spoke about the issue.

And it is that in recent days Jones made a live broadcast where he denied what Aragon said, in addition to ensuring that "he knows where he comes from", that he is "false and ungrateful" , that he did not bathe Due to the depression caused by the attacks on social networks , and even in his reply, he expressed that through the ranks of the organization that is in charge of preparing beauty queens, “drug addicts, alcoholics and sluts” have paraded and that “ knows which foot they limp on. ”

After these harsh statements that were criticized by the public as violence against women, Jones confessed to feeling sorry and acknowledged that she acted abruptly when expressing herself with disdain towards young people:

I definitely feel very ashamed, very sorry for having shown myself that way, you (the media) have known me for thirty years, I have always been a very measured, very careful woman of my words and of how I address others. But hey, we all have our five minutes, and unfortunately I had those five minutes where you are already carrying many situations that are hurting you, that are affecting you not only for a few days here but for years, "he said in a video call to the program First hand.

" For years I have had many attacks by a group of former queens who constantly do not lose the opportunity to be generating information against me, discrediting my work, my image and in recent months that as it has increased and the truth is that when I find out about this new situation, that now it turns out that Sofía Aragón is also talking about this, I did say 'it can't be, that is'. Yes it was very bad of me to react like this, as I tell you I have always been very careful of the image of all the girls regardless of whether there may be a friendship or simply a working relationship with each one of them. I have always been very prudent, very discreet, and respectful of the lives of all of them, so it is not up to me to be saying those things or to express myself that way about anyone " , admitted the Miss Universe 1991.

But she assured that what bothered her the most is that Sofía would have implied that Lupita did not pay her money destined for her by the Guadalajara trust:

“In a few words she insinuated that I am a shoplifter, then the truth is that there, yes, never in my life, I will not I owe nothing to anyone, indeed we were looking for or managing certain support or sponsorships for her, to be able to pay the expenses that her training, preparation, some medical interventions imply. Certain things that obviously, since we do not have sponsors we have to find how to finance all that, so I spoke with her at the time and explained what the situation was. When I was ending the contract I had with TV Azteca, I told him 'now that you and I are alone to get this out and get what you need because I did not market the event and I have no way of supporting this. He told me 'yes, yes, we are already a team and we are going to do it' and I said 'go ahead ', and we started looking for this support obviously in his state, through businessmen, but we were not able to do it, we did not have that openness in order to get this financial support.

Sofía Aragón also assured that she feels supported by other former queens, who also suffered the "mistreatment" of Jones (Video: Instagram @sofaragon) __ SCRIPT__0

“His preparation is well advanced… and well, things have to happen, so I saw how to solve it and well, I financed it, trusting that we were going to have some income that would help me to recover what I was investing. The truth is that I don't understand why people are surprised by that, because if you don't have where to invest, then you can't invest. I would like to buy a new car every year and I do not have how to do it and well I do not buy it . Finally, a support is obtained from the trust of the city of Guadalajara, which gives an amount sufficient to cover the expenses that had already been made and what was left I made him accounts with notes, receipts, and I said 'this is how it was spent this money, Sofía, as we had discussed, this is what remains, send me your invoice or your receipt of fees to pass it on to you in full ', so it was, that's why it seemed to me that she was not very clear at the time of talking about that topic. ”, he expressed.

Obviously I would have loved if the resource had been more, but what it was, the accounts were clearly done and the rest of the money was given to him. That point did bother me a lot, I know that for years a lot has been said about me, that if I am very tough, that if I am very demanding, that if I supposedly treat girls badly

Lupita, contrary to what several participants have declared in recent days , assured that she has always been affectionate with them:

“No (I treat them badly), the truth is that no, I started to review, because another of the things What she said is that, I don't remember the words well, but when she experienced the worst symbolic violence it was during her preparation and I said 'at what time', I started to review the chat that I handled with her and the truth is that in all the communications there is always a loving word, there is always a cordial word: 'Hey beautiful, how do you see such a thing, how do you see, we have such an appointment, I pass by you, see you at the office, we are leaving here', that is, I always went and I am very cordial and affectionate. If any girl marks a certain distance, that does not imply that I am cordial and respectful, ”she added.

Jones recalled that Sofía Aragón was widely criticized on social media by the public, which, according to her, led to depression:

What I do know is that she did suffer a lot of digital violence, many attacks, many criticisms, they said very ugly things to her, she came to the office very sad, depressed, but all the people who were around her always found a word to acknowledge her her effort, her tenacity, her ability, all the values that she has because she has so many. He was very affected by what they told him in the networks, when they catch you going down, of course it hurts you

“Certain statements that she (Sofía Aragón) makes surprised me a lot, they seemed to me to be completely taken out of context and I don't know if they carry an intention that I am not seeing, unfortunately my reaction was terrible , nothing justifies my having acted in that way , I really offer a sincere apology to all the people who may have felt aggrieved by me and I feel very sorry for having acted in this way, "he concluded.

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