Nicolas Coronado, the Zen contestant of 'MasterChef Celebrity'


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Nicolás Coronado is the son of celebrities, the actor Jose Coronado and the model Paola Dominguín, belongs to the Bosé clan and has also already found his own niche in the world of interpretation where he takes small steps in series such as I am not like you, Land of wolves, Red Eagle or Serve and protect. He has also had roles in films such as Love is not what it was or Novatos y oro.

But although his face is known and he appeared to the world with just one year from the cover of the album Los Niños no lloran , by his uncle Miguel Bosé , now you know at 32 that nobody gives anything away in the world of acting no matter how many famous surnames that accompany you and even if your family has planted roots in fields of art as varied as music, film, design or catwalks. Nicolás Coronado does not seem to be one of those who get stressed , but he has caught on the fly a golden opportunity for the public to know him for himself, the MasterChef Celebrity cooking contest, where he is giving a lesson in effort, education, serenity and companionship.

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Let's not fight for victory, let's fight because there are many things to fight for. (This phrase is the first cousin of the one that says :) "Those capable of marveling will know wonders" #masterchefcelebrity #nicolascoronado @mchefcelebrity In bad weather, good face, 💪🏻☺️ let's go for the day 💥🚀

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He is not a handsome man from a book, but he has an attractive face framed by clear eyes and a serene smile that invites conversation. In the contest, he shows that he is a slow man, conciliatory but also willing to do his best and give a twist to the obvious, be it recipes or cinematographic roles. The fact is that the son of ... is winning the favor of the spectators of the program and is emerging as one of the contestants with a chance of winning, and also without moments of stridency, out of tone or confrontations with the members of the demanding jurado.

With these bases it is not surprising that Jose Coronado stated that he was one of the people who most helped him change his rhythm of life when he suffered a heart attack in April 2017. Nicolás was fundamental in the actor's recovery: he helped him to connect with meditation and even accompanied him on a trip to the Himalayas with Jesús Calleja. His father also attributes other transformations to him: “Since my first child was born, my life changed. He came when I started my profession. When I didn't have it, I needed less than what I demanded of myself when I saw him in my arms, "explained the actor in an interview with this newspaper.

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Kisses and happy dinner with yours

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Nicolás has lived long periods with his father, but up to the age of 10 he did it in the countryside with his mother, specifically in a town in Segovia, Brieva, where his grandmother Lucía Bosé had a house and decided to also spend her last years. That way of living stuck with him and he spends all the time allowed by his professional commitments in a town on the outskirts of Madrid where he is accompanied by six dogs, five chickens and four goats. An environment that he affirms gives him “peace and positive energy.”

He has studied at the Estilo de Madrid school, a center founded by Josefina Aldecoa that, until its closure, included the spirit of the Institución Libre de Enseñanza and where they place great emphasis on science and art, but also in the history of opera for example. Later, he continued at the European Lyceum and later chose to study Fine Arts and Audiovisual Communication at the European University of Madrid. But the trajectories of his parents weighed on his professional development: he has made his first steps as a model , like his mother, and finally fell into the networks of interpretation honoring the Coronado surname. To do this, he has been trained at Studio Corazza, where actors such as Javier Bardem, Elena Anaya have passed. Sergio Peris-Mencheta, Juana Acosta or Alicia Borrachero.

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Happy celebration of life ✨🧘🏼‍♂️✨

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But Nicolás Coronado still has another less-known artistic passion on his resume: he likes to paint and would like to get to live from his paintings that he signs as Lando, the name of the protagonist of a story he wrote and which, as he explained, “is a brave character who left everything to pursue his dreams ”. He defines his style as "figurative and impressionist painting" and, how could it be otherwise, he likes artists who "address spiritual desire". Of the classics he stays with Rubens and of the contemporaries with Rhads Cheboha, as revealed in an interview.

He has clear ideas and affirms that he adores all his family, paternal and maternal, but values the people who look for him more him more than where he comes from. And among his tattoos are two birds. Do you know why? Because for him it symbolizes freedom, the same freedom with which he now surprises at MasterChef Celebrity and which guides his life.

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