Nicoletta Mantovani, Pavarotti's widow, remarries


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He shared 15 years with Luciano Pavarotti and has been his widow for more than 13 years, in addition to his universal heir . For this reason, and despite the fact that he has said that he will never forget him, Nicoletta Mantovani has decided to remarry . Whoever was the second wife of the famous Italian tenor has married his new partner, a man named Alberto Tinarelli, with whom she has been dating for a little less than a year. The couple got married in the church of San Antonio de Padua in the Italian city of Bologna and then had a small party with friends in a large 18th century house in the center of the city. Among the attendees was the singer Nek , who during the ceremony played the Ave Maria with his guitar, and of course Alice, the 17-year-old daughter that Mantovani had with Pavarotti. Mantovani, 50, came to church in a long pearl gray dress with beading, long sleeves and a satin bow at the waist, while Tinarelli, a 52-year-old financial consultant, wore a dark suit and offered the bride a bouquet of white flowers upon arrival. As she told the Italian magazine Chi last August, theirs was love at first sight after a mutual friend introduced them. “Alberto is a wonderful man, we are very happy. We had no reason to get married except our crazy desire to go down the aisle. And we decided to do it for the church, because for me, as a believer, it was important to declare our love before the Lord. Last August Mantovani gave an interview in which she explained the reasons for her new marriage and the importance that Luciano Pavarotti has and will always have for her, whom she met when she was very young. "Luciano will always continue to be an important person in my life and I will continue to keep his memory, as a great artist like him deserves," he explained then, recounting how their relationship was for three decades, and the importance that joy had for his first husband and for her, who has tried to follow his teachings. “As Luciano always reminded me, life must be lived to the fullest at every moment, always trying to have a smile, and Alberto makes me relive a great joy. Ours is a deep love, a true magic ”. Pavarotti met Mantovani in the 1990s, when she was a young student attending the University of Bologna. After more than three decades married to his first wife, Adua Veroni, and three daughters in common, the tenor fell madly in love with her, 35 years his junior, and left everything to marry. "He warned me that everyone would think I was after their money," his widow said in a 2018 interview in The Sunday Times . "He asked me if I was ready to be seen as a bad person," she revealed. However, it was soon seen that the relationship was very serious. In 2003 Nicoletta gave birth to twins: Riccardo and Alice. However, the child had a premature birth and died shortly after. They were married after three months. Health problems always marked them: he suffered pancreatic cancer in 2006 , while she was diagnosed with sclerosis in 2007 . “We tried to stay positive because Alice was still very young. We deal with his illness as we deal with mine. He always stayed strong for the good of everyone else, "he said then. Pavarotti passed away in 2007, but his widow never forgot him. In fact, a year ago he released a documentary about him where he recounted the joys - and also some troubles - of their life together. "We fell in love with that kind of love so strong that you spend hours and hours together talking about nothing, looking at the clouds, enjoying the fact of being together," Mantovani said about his crush. Now life has given you a second chance to enjoy that feeling.

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